Aleppo revealed.

The unprecedented house to house conquering of nearly half of East Aleppo by government forces and their allies has revealed some shocking realities and they have no similarity to the propaganda coming from Washington or London.

TV, newspapers and politicians have claimed up to a quarter of a million civilians have been held captive in the siege of Aleppo. The inflated numbers of civilians have been critical in several ceasefires that have turned out to benefit the terrorists. Anti government forces have managed to resupply and introduce thousands of ‘rebels’ in to the area to compensate for those killed in the fighting. The Americans and British in particular have been accusing President Assad of complete disregard to none combatants in rebel controlled Aleppo.The British parliament have had specially convened debates about Syria that have been riddled with misconceptions and outright lies.

The truth is now revealing itself by way of the thousands of civilians exiting the lost territory of the extremists. Almost all of them condemn the terrorists that the US and UK have only recently been praising. Thieving, bullying extortionists are the general comments and it seems to be common knowledge that they have been hoarding internationally donated aid for themselves.

The ‘rebels’ aren’t Islamic. They have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with common criminality. These barbarians have been treating the general population with contempt. It’s not just hearsay or Assad supporters saying it any more, it’s the very people they have been using as human shields and not even having the decency to feed them.

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