Ban Ki-moon.

Ban Ki-moon is claiming the Syrian government are carrying out atrocities on civilians exiting rebel controlled areas of Aleppo. Has he not seen soldiers carrying old people that are unable to walk out of the rubble? Has he not seen the smiling faces of women and SAA soldiers handing sweets out to children?  I don’t suppose he has heard all the testimonies claiming that the terrorists would not allow them to escape the war zone?

Well Mr Ban Ki-moon, here is something else you won’t have noticed. Hundreds, if not thousands of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and their Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah allies have been mercilessly executed by the combatants that are now being caught or giving themselves up to Loyalist factions around Aleppo. There may well be some vengeful actions by some of these men who have seen video footage of their friends executed. You may well appeal to these soldiers to show restraint but I am unable to recall your condemnation of mass murders committed by the criminal extremists, so don’t waste your breath.

Ki-moon’s minions declared that Syria and Russia were responsible for any atrocities committed on civilians but that’s not strictly true. There are many militias that had to be used in order to save the country from the extremists, some of these men might take the law in to their own hands, but hopefully not. If I had a position of authority I would urge them to show mercy, nothing can be gained by behaving as the terrorists did.

I can’t remember Ban Ki-moon expressing outrage at the illegal US, UK and Belgian attack on Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor. Somewhere between 60 and 100 SAA soldiers families lost a loved one in that unprovoked attack, how is he going to give those families any justice? He won’t give it a second thought. If I could meet up with Mr Ban Ki-moon, I would tell him to keep his uncorroborated conspiracy theories to himself and do what he has been doing for the last 5 or so years….. Keep his fucking nose out of Syrian affairs until he has something constructive, truthful or helpful to say.

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