Where are the White Helmets of Aleppo?

The PR department of the White Helmets has been particularly quiet recently. Having to relocate because of government advances could be the reason. Another possibility is that they have been too busy pulling survivors from damaged buildings. More realistically, is the internet connection is down in Aleppo?

A recent post by Eliot Higgins on the bellingcat website tries too refute and dismiss Vanessa Beeley’s numerous articles exposing the White Helmets. The article fails completely by insisting that her claims aren’t legitimate because they are disputed. Confirmation by the US, UK and Dutch governments of funding the WH aren’t enough for Higgins. Here is part of his article:

Because of this, they have regularly been smeared by the Syrian and Russian governments, and decried as fakes and terrorists. Russian state TV outlet RT (formerly “Russia Today”), for example, ran an opinion piece on 26 October by writer Vanessa Beeley, who labeled them a “terrorist support group and Western propaganda tool”, while a separate report a week earlier questioned the White Helmets’ neutrality by claiming that they were funded by Western governments. As early as May, Kremlin wire Sputnik called the White Helmets a “controversial quasi-humanitarian organisation” which was “fabricating ‘evidence’ of Russia’s ‘disastrous’ involvement in Syria”. This Sputnik piece also quoted Beeley, as saying that the White Helmets “demonize the Assad government and encourage direct foreign intervention.”

For someone who claims to be so diligent about evidence and facts, his dismissive tone regarding Vanessa Beeley casts doubt on what many would believe to be compelling evidence.

The last part of rebel held Aleppo is being cleared as I type and still no sign of any White Helmet employee’s. Maybe they are staying to put out the fires that the terrorists have ignited in an attempt to destroy the area or even evidence they would rather people not see. I have another theory, they aren’t there and never have been there. Elaborate hoaxes don’t just appear out of the air. They are meticulously planned and carried out by intelligent people. The BBC program ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ was created with the help of a charity, Hand in Hand for Syria. Several of the executives (and their relatives) are vociferous critics of the Assad government. Under scrutiny, the documentary looked like a poorly made horror movie. A walking dead scene is clearly bogus with the ‘actors’ awaiting the ‘action!’ command. The White Helmets have a control centre in Turkey and I strongly suspect the videos are made there. Time will tell.

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