There are no moderate rebels in Syria.

After the evacuation of East Aleppo recently, dozens of bodies of ‘rebel’ prisoners have been found. Many identified as Syrian soldiers or their allies, it appears the ‘moderate rebels’ that the US have been protecting decided to have one more killing spree before they left Aleppo. Many of the murdered prisoners were tortured, some of it caught on video.

So after being allowed out of East Aleppo, rebels supported by the West couldn’t leave in a dignified manner afforded to them by the Syrian Loyalists, they had to go on one more murderous spree. During this conflict, many Syrian Arab Army soldiers (and allies) have been systematically slaughtered after being caught. We should consider the trauma inflicted on every one of these soldiers families, knowing they met such a brutal end. This latest atrocity should be the final straw so far as being fair with the terrorists is concerned.

In another attack by the ‘moderate rebels’ the water supply for Damascus has been poisoned, apparently with Diesel.

These people have no conscience. They don’t care if they kill a thousand innocents to kill one Loyalist but the time of treating these criminals like normal human beings has to stop. They cannot be negotiated nor mediated with, they cannot be trusted to reciprocate acts of kindness. They just enjoy killing. Syrian Loyalists must now try to reduce the number of psychopaths in the world by showing no mercy. A ‘no surrender’ of militant suspects must be initiated. If these drugged up thugs affiliated with their Israeli allies want a fight to the death, let them have their wish. These vicious, murderous cowards need putting out of their misery. They are of no use to the rest of humanity. They are unable to enhance the lives of others, they seek only to destroy.

For many years I have been against the death penalty, partly because of the incompetent Justice system, however these ‘moderate rebels’ have had enough chances to show they are decent but have failed to do so.

Syrian Arab Army , Russia, Hezbollah and all the other defenders to the people of Syria needs to defend long term. Take no prisoners. Remember what they have done to your comrades. It’s time to ‘do unto others’ …………..

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