Has Obama forgotten about Stuxnet?

Obama’s childish attempts to blame Russia for interfering with the US election, including the removal of 35 Russian diplomats from America, bear little resemblance to the reality surrounding the science of coding. Indeed, forensic evidence pertaining to computers can be easily manufactured and given the expertise, someone could quite easily frame a victim for a crime they didn’t commit. Even if Obama is clueless about computers, his minions should at least inform him how ridiculous his conclusions are.

To understand US bluster concerning the manipulation of election results, a trip back to the 80’s is required when the US openly confessed to being instrumental to helping Boris Yeltsin become the President of USSR. Whether the boast is true, we don’t really know but the foolishness of claiming to have been critically influential in his success is obvious.

It’s difficult to know exactly what Obama is alleging the Russians have done. Even if they were guilty of some kind of political espionage, I can’t really understand Obama’s basis for the accusations. Would exposing Hilary Clinton’s numerous secrets and financial misdemeanour’s constitute interfering in an election? I don’t think so, unless we think that the truth and communication of it, is undemocratic. Obama’s claims appear to tell us about the inner fears of the American elite and that they believe everyone else thinks in the same way as them, including President Putin. The Russian Presidents countless successes over Obama are testament to him not thinking the same way.

When it comes to real interference, the US takes some beating. Countless election’s that have resulted in the wrong side winning have been overturned over the years by US espionage, some of which ended in bloodbaths. Financing the opposition is interference, arming them is irresponsible but more importantly, criminal. It seems Obama hasn’t studied US history very closely. Many examples have been proven to be true, usually by way of government state secrets being revealed.

Interference hit new levels with the Stuxnet attack on Iran, of which the US and Israel are understood to have been responsible for. I have no idea what the perfect result would have been for the nuclear facility infection but any tampering with nuclear system control is surely not advisable.

I was fooled by Obama’s promises before his initial election and looking back now, the fact that the raging lunatic, dementia riddled McCain was his opponent indicated that the race was already decided. Yes, it was naive to believe any politician but I always try to see the best in people. Anyhow, good riddance to Obama and his flawed accusations but we have no idea how bad Trump is going to be.

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