The mainstream media.

The MSM have totally ignored Aleppo since the the criminal terrorists were unceremoniously ‘green bussed’ out of the area. Thousands of stories and statements from the oppressed people of East Aleppo, condemning the actions and atrocities committed by the so called rebels haven’t been published by the media that was supposedly so concerned with the ‘humanitarian disaster’ that they were predicting during the liberation of the terrorist enclave.

The White Helmets have been condemned as closely connected with Al Nusra and other banned terrorist organisations, yet our media have said nothing. Moving affidavits by escaping Aleppans have not been shown to the wider world, unsurprisingly, the BBC left the region four days before Syrian government troops (and it’s allies) finally removed the rebel cancer.

We shouldn’t really be surprised. People generally are becoming more aware of the TV and newspaper lies. They are becoming the laughing stock, clinging to the often repeated lies that Bashar Al Assad is slaughtering his own people. Read any Syrian connected story at online websites and the public response overwhelmingly dismisses the propaganda. The journalists are living in a parallel world which they have to try to uphold simply to receive their monthly blood money.

Despite restrictions that are undoubtedly in the pipeline to restrict our efforts to ascertain the truth with regards a host of events across the world, the masses have become too curious. Thousands of blogs (many far more revealing than this one) are provoking curious doubts about the reality as compared to the brainwashing repetition of the MSM.

I hope that people will begin to search for themselves to find out the truth. Unfortunately, if we don’t, the murderous power brokers around the world will eventually imprison us in a vicious, uncompromising prison, whilst they look on from behind their secured and military protected safe zones. Particularly if you have children or grandchildren, you have to seize the initiative and do the only thing you can do to protect them. Work harder to inform yourselves, stop buying newspapers and stop watching TV news programs. Media deception is so blatantly obvious, you have to do research yourself to create an informed opinion. If your conclusion is different to mine, fair enough, I’ll still applaud the fact that you empowered yourself with knowledge.

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