Who should we really fear?

Recent reports of armed police defending London with teams of gun toting officers got me thinking about risk assessment. I believe that only one person has died from terrorism since 2005. On the other hand, 19 have died from gun shot wounds fired from a police officers gun. I would call them marksmen but it’s quite clear that they are not because if they were experts, they would be able to incapacitate instead of needing to kill a suspect. The numbers of deaths in police custody of arrested suspects in the same period is 236. To my knowledge no officer has been convicted, not even of carelessness or neglect.

So the vast amounts of money spent on anti-terrorism……..

I was going to publish the post above yesterday…..

But it got quite late, so I left it. I just saw on a website about an ‘incident’ near Huddersfield, UK where a planned operation ended up with a suspect being shot dead. So the figure above needs changing to 20.

Initially, my point was that when police officers are armed, members of the public subsequently die. As I said yesterday, it wouldn’t be so bad if they could use their marksmanship abilities to render a suspect ‘incapacitated’, but they only seem to be able to kill. I wouldn’t trust them with low pressured water pistols.

UK steps up security at train stations

“How do you put the bullets in these things, Phil?”


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