The demonisation of Yassar Yaqub has begun.

The Daily Mail has several unfounded stories about Yassar Yaqub, claiming he was a drug dealer, womaniser and that he had 10 cctv cameras around his home. Despite two of the three accusations about him not being illegal, they are clearly contained within the unfounded accusation of him being a drug pusher. This character assassination is normal whenever police kill a suspect, look them up if you don’t believe me. Every time the victim is attacked and tainted as being a pivotal player in the criminal sphere.

Hearsay and rumours could be from people that knew him but the speed in which the lazy journalists reveal Mr Yaqub’s alleged history would indicate something else. We all know that corruption amongst the press and police is rampant and I think that officers have learnt something from previous armed incidents. Sadly, one thing they haven’t learned is how to incapacitate a suspect rather than kill them.

I believe that the police prepare a dossier on the target and as soon as a fatality is announced, their people in the media start the ball rolling. In this case it’s Martin Robinson of the Daily Mail who is one of the first to publish a character assassination.

Never one to miss out on the chance to criticise anything related to Islam, Robinson has repeatedly criticised Muslims at every opportunity. Robinson is the typically lazy hack that repeatedly uses doubtful or misleading headlines to exaggerate a story. His reporting of Mr Yaqub, who I assume has no convictions for drug dealing nor any cautions for being a womaniser or a cctv freak is a perfect example of his lack of professionalism. Martin Robinson , you are an absolute disgrace.


2 thoughts on “The demonisation of Yassar Yaqub has begun.

  1. This shooting seems very reminiscent of what happened to Mark Duggan a few years ago. To my knowledge what normally happens when the police find someone who is in possession of drugs and firearms, is that the individual gets a lengthy prison stay. Why a few bullets to the chest i don’t quite understand, what happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’ deserved his day in court in my opinion.

  2. For sure Thomas. I find it unnerving that many people seem to think, ‘he was a drug dealing gangster anyhow’. This is unproven and in any case, as you rightly said, we should all be able to defend ourselves in a court room. I wonder how these people would react if it was their father, brother or son killed in such a manner?

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