White Helmets conduct Damascus water deprivation negotiations.

The White Helmets have informed the Syrian government that if they stop attacking ‘rebels’, they can get access for engineers to allow them to fix the water plant at Ain al-Fijah. Why are the White Helmets negotiating on behalf of terrorists? The stream of lies surrounding the US, UK and Dutch financed group will undoubtedly be their undoing but this latest offer absolutely smashes any claim of impartiality.

The WH appear to be the terrorists public relations department. Before Aleppo was liberated they were claiming the slaughter of civilians by Syrian troops and their allies. It was a pack of lies yet none of the Western media have corrected the slur. They somehow managed to escape Aleppo without being noticed, or as numerous people have claimed, they were never in the area. If they had been identified by government officials they most certainly would have been arrested. They have enough evidence to press charges of at least aiding terrorism. I think they could easily add murder to the charge sheet.

Once they have been arrested, it will open the investigation up to include several Western governments, who have been financing them, hopefully culminating in some of our politicians having to address some very awkward questions.


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