Martin Robinson: Continued vilification of Yassar Yaqub.

The Daily Mail chief reporter, Martin Robinson is continuing to undermine any future independent police complaints commission investigation into the killing of Yassar Yaqub. In his initial report, Robinson quoted Chris Bean. He accused Mr Yaqub of numerous misdemeanour’s including an attempt to shoot him. From his own admission, Bean cannot be regarded as a reliable witness, having confessed to illegal drug activities himself. However, this doesn’t stop Robinson using his comments to further attack Mr Yaqub’s character.

I have no idea what Mr Yaqub has been doing. Evidence suggests he was involved in some questionable activities but the three bullets that appear to look as if they would have hit Mr Yaqub’s heart, are clearly not an attempt to incapacitate him. Since when did our police become judge, jury and executioner?

Mr Robinson is supporting the police line, not dissimilar to that used after the Jean Charles de Menezes killing in 2005 at Stockwell. Police officers insisted de Menezes was acting suspiciously and wearing a bulky coat (in warm weather) when in fact he was wearing a wrangler jacket. Accused of leaping over barriers and appearing to try to escape from officers (that he would have been unaware were following him). Dubious ‘statements’ from alleged witnesses and even the Chief Inspector confirming the false accusations, that many people to this day still believe. The first account always sticks in the mind of the general public, this is why Robinson is filling his low brow newspaper with the character assassination of Yassar Yaqub. In effect, he is doing police PR and trying to create such a bad impression of Mr Yaqub that public support for the police will rise, despite this execution.


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