Yassar Yaqub: Echoes of Mark Duggan.

As Martin Robinson continues with his Daily Mail assault on Yassar Yaqub, it needs to be remembered how his insulting tone toward this police victim merely follows the usual pattern of events. Not just people that have been shot by armed officers but also many who have died under mysterious circumstances in police cells are routinely lambasted by Robinson and his ilk. In every catastrophic event involving the police their PR machine rolls into action using assets like Robinson, who is fed a collection of lies which he knowingly prints. These hit pieces set the tone and the victim is turned into an habitual criminal and heartless gangster who would sell his grandma for a few quid.

The Daily Mail contributors using the comments section mostly applaud the style of Robinson’s virulent attack and praise the police for ‘three good shots’. Do these clowns think the police always get it right? They should hope a member of their family never gets drawn into an event like this. Even if he is everything that Robinson says he is, Yassar was entitled to defend himself in a court of law, as we all are, no matter how sensationalist rags like the Mail try to paint us.

I observed a passive suspect being arrested outside my house once, there was no resistance and it all looked good until the officer, having gained total control of the situation began a verbal and physical assault. Look at the newspaper hacking scandal to see how embedded journalists are with the police. Multiple officers accepted money from journalists but the investigation in general failed to get many convictions except a few officers which were probably too obvious to ignore. Both of these professions are rotten to the core and there tends to be a mutual protection racket going on. The relationship is toxic and the character assassination of Mr Yaqub and Mr Duggan is a typical result of journalists protecting police officers, particularly the ones that carry guns. The current situation is unacceptable. Even suspects of the most heinous crimes do not deserve to be executed by poorly trained armed officers that think they are above the law.


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