Yassar Yaqub: The lynch mob mentality of Daily Mail readers.

Some of the people that post comments on the Daily Mail website, in response to articles aren’t the brightest bulbs. The vast majority are barely capable of putting a sentence together and seem inspired by Chief reporter Martin Robinson’s attack on Mr Yaqub .

Typical readers comments :

“He got what he deserved.”

“Our police are so brave.”

“Who cares he was a drug dealer anyhow.”

I’m going to do something that none of the gutter press have attempted to do, try to find out some verifiable facts about this shooting.

The police weren’t wearing cameras. Isn’t it national policy to do so? By their own admission, this was a planned operation so they should have took every precaution to protect their own integrity.

Despite accusations of drug dealing, was Mr Yaqub convicted of doing so? If not, then the statements of Chris Bean are pure speculation. Why hasn’t Mr Bean’s credibility as a dependable witness been clarified? Robinson seems to delight in casting aspersions toward the victim but expects us to believe the word of someone who obviously disliked Mr Yaqub and for all we know, could have a huge criminal record. How did Robinson find this witness so eager to tell the world how bad Mr Yaqub was?

Why was Mr Yaqub shot but then a passenger in the car subsequently accused of having a firearm? Should it have been the passenger who is now being held in custody that was shot?

The Daily Mail aren’t the only ones guilty of concluding what happened and the background to the case, the rest of the MSM are all saying the same things. If there was any fairness instead of attempts to support police versions of the circumstances, they would wait until the inquest and the IPCC have investigated. Police tactics and PR to convince the public of Mr Yaqub’s guilt do work. British police rarely face justice after events like this.

Instead of cheering like lunatics at Mr Yaqub’s demise, we should be considering how we would feel in his families shoes. I can only imagine Robinson’s coverage is extremely hurtful and in the long run also reduce the chance of a fair investigation. Then again, he is doing everything in his power to avoid the police being accountable for any errors – Just like every time our incompetent armed police venture out with their guns loaded.

It’s because of people like Robinson that they are so well protected.


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