Benjamin Netanyahu’s boast that the soldier who murdered a critically injured Palestinian at point blank range should be pardoned, could well have cost the lives of four people today in Israel. When the rule of law only applies to Palestinians, (through unfair military courts) the resulting frustration isn’t hard to imagine.

No matter what situation we find ourselves in, it is easier to accept if we are all treated exactly the same, ethnicity or religion should have no impact on whether we are punished or to what degree. Netanyahu’s statement is referring to Sgt Elor Azaria, who executed a Palestinian, who was already incapacitated and Azaria has subsequently been found guilty of manslaughter. Netanyahu is an obnoxious, snake like criminal and probably knew his remark would trigger a response.

No society can survive on an incredibly unfair justice system such as this, that has different rules for Israelis than it does for Palestinians. The simmering resentment is bound to boil over and the Israelis rely on this response to justify their status as primary victims. The daily provocation of pointless checkpoints, rules and regulations to prevent dreams and aspirations are the almost invisible punishment inflicted on Palestinians. Unless we look closely at what is going on, we wont see it. The media won’t show children in Israeli prisons nor the violent ‘settlement’ inhabitants attacking Palestinian kids going to school. The media won’t show the endless misery of trying to get from one area to another with no real security requirement. Israel are the masters at making themselves look innocent victims.

This latest incident, when a truck driver mowed down Israeli’s will be condemned as terrorism, however it seems they were soldiers and they are not exempt from resistance efforts to an occupation. However let’s not forget that Israel have targeted Syrian assets in support of Al Nusra terrorists, helping them despite the fact that they are mostly foreigners attacking a sovereign state. The Palestinians that are fighting an occupation by Israel have the legal right to resist.

It seems Netanyahu claims the perpetrator was a member of  Islamic state. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The Israeli leader has something up his sleeve, he never utters a word without good reason. I predict he is going to turn on the terrorists he’s been helping in Southern Syria.


One thought on “Pardon?

  1. The points you make are valid. Sad thing is, yet another Palestinian life lost fighting for the right to a life of freedom, dignity, equality IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. What other people over *seven decades* would meekly accept that, without fighting back? NONE.

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