George Clooney: Ignorance is no excuse.

George Clooney is about to make a movie about the White Helmets. Even taking into account the tendency for actors/actresses/celebrities to live in their own little fantasy world, surely Clooney is not so stupid that he hasn’t seen Vanessa Beeley’s (or the many other) articles exposing them as frauds?

It seems he is. It also appears that anyone searching for truth and honesty should avoid the entertainment industry as well as the news media. Having dismissed the ‘you only have to look at who runs Hollywood’ smear in the past, I have to reassess my position.

Being convinced that the war in Syria is largely for Israel’s benefit and knowing the depths Israel will sink to in order to succeed, the Clooney White Helmet fairy tale isn’t nearly as bad as what they have done in the past.

The SS Patria was sunk by the Zionist terrorist gang Haganah, with the loss of 267 Jewish refugees in September 1940. The gang claimed it was an accident and that they used too much explosives by mistake. The King David Hotel bombing was definitely no accident and proof of their treachery towards the criminal British elite, who had facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Palestine.

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