Obama, good riddance.

….Your cowardice dealing with Israel will be your legacy.

Obama’s ability to speak in public is unquestionable. That was the reason he was elected in the first place. He could wipe the floor with the opposition because of his excellent timing and poise. Sadly, that’s where his talents ended.

His two terms have been a disaster not just for the US, but for the rest of us too. His weakness towards Israel is still being felt in Gaza, where another winter has inflicted untold misery on it’s inhabitants. I said ‘untold’ because it is. Mainstream media won’t convey the awful conditions that these people are enduring because of the most recent Israeli attack. Just like Syria, entire neighbourhoods are flattened. Gaza hasn’t got anywhere it can import the necessary materials from, because Israel won’t allow it. Israeli soldiers decide what goes in and allow very little to be exported out. Qatar funding isn’t aimed at the alleviation of conditions in Gaza, it’s to support Hamas. Even so, it’s been reported that much of the money promised hasn’t been forthcoming.

Obama’s first speech on the Middle East, almost eight years ago, created a sense of hope, particularly for any of us with more than a passing interest in the region. Netanyahu soon put him straight. He caved in and continued to do so until the recent UN resolution, when Samantha Power abstained instead of vetoing the settlement condemnation. The decision stung the Israelis but does nothing to create any kind of improvement for the Palestinians.

The Nobel peace prize for Obama?

This decision rendered the award a complete joke, however some of the previous winners have been less than peaceful. Henry Kissinger is the stand out killer.


Utter and complete failure to stop the war but that counts as success to Obama. Weakening Syria to please Israel was the intention, so he could conclude the mission was partially accomplished. I believe that the death and destruction in Syria will eventually come back to haunt Israel. The war is far from over, but what has happened is that the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah have been moulded into much more efficient fighting forces, better equipped and battle hardened. In comparison to the truck attack recently in Jerusalem, which resulted in the armed Israeli cadets running away from a solitary assailant. IDF soldiers might thrive and think they are wonderful when ‘herding’ unarmed Palestinians at the numerous check points. As recently as 2006, Hezbollah brought Israel to the bargaining table after they inflicted so many casualties on them after attempting a ground invasion of Lebanon.


Abject failure. President Putin has repeatedly humiliated Obama with his cautious approach to US provocation. The Russians have adhered to International law whereas US presence in Syria is illegal. The ‘responsibility to protect’ can hardly be used when supporting  the terrorist criminals of the Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra, amongst others.


The administration will again regard this as a success, the people of Libya, not so. The destruction of infrastructure to allow Western companies access to  profitable market has probably not materialised, due to continued instability. Clinton cackling over the death of Gadaffi should secure her place in hell.

Watching the sycophants heap praise on a failure.

Obama, tear in his eye approaching the end of his term, was praised for creating jobs in the US and probably lots of other insignificant policies that created more wealth for those that are already wealthy. Wall to wall sycophants cannot change the reality. No matter what your friends might say Obama, you are a miserable failure, a pathetic feeble man who did nothing for those that are less well off in society. You maintained the corrupt military industrial complex, you continued to give Israel eye watering amounts of aid, despite Netanyahu pissing on your shoes as you did so. You appear to be lacking a backbone.

Who am I to judge anyone?

That’s a valid question. I am speaking for those who are unable to speak for themselves. The hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi’s, Syrians, Libyans, Palestinians and to all the victims of his unprecedented killer drone policy that has created far more ‘terrorists’ than it has eradicated

3 thoughts on “Obama, good riddance.

  1. I don’t have an answer Thomas. So far as Israel in general is concerned only a movement similar to the South African anti-apartheid campaign can succeed. With regards to Presidents, maybe they are all compromised or controlled and only realise it after they take office. The post was just a rant because I was naive in thinking he would make a difference.

  2. You could well be right about the people in the oval office being controlled, i think that idea holds some serious validity, i saw a video on the ‘Rothchilds conspiracy’ about how one family has control of nearly all the banks in the world, how true that is i do not know; certainly makes for an interesting thought/discussion. Perhaps Trump coming into the presidency could be a breath of fresh air, he hasn’t had to climb the ranks like ‘normal’ people would of had to if they were to have run for office; in climbing the ranks and getting to the top for most, they have to have help from others therefore owing individuals favors that then in the future need repaying. Back to Obama in my opinion as an outsider (living in the U.K) he seems to have done well for the U.S attempting to bring in his controversial ‘Obama Care’ and doing good things with the U.S economy and creating jobs.

    Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M62qkKXydrU

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