Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North.

Having just watched the final part of the Al Jazeera report on Israeli influence in British politics, it is very clear that Joan Ryan, amongst others, needs to concentrate on the well being of her constituents rather than trying to improve the image of a foreign country. Almost all the pro Israelis in the documentary had no qualms about smearing their enemies and even Ryan accused a very gentle woman of intimidating her. She then filed a complaint about her that had little resemblance to what the lady actually said. Accusing her of anti-Semitism, she grossly exaggerated her comments. This is not the behaviour that we should expect from our elected officials.

Shai Masot, the odious, well connected Israeli was extremely keen to ‘bring down’ UK elected officials and the acceptance of an apology from the Israeli embassy, by the British government is completely inappropriate for the gravity of this espionage attempt. Israeli ambassador Mark Regev should be returned to his home country immediately.

Another question that needs to be asked is why did it take a foreign TV agency like Al Jazeera to make this program when it has been very clear that Israel do not play by the rules, with regards international norms. British passports were used in a murder by the Israeli Mossad organisation a few years ago. Denial of having nuclear materials results in international inspectors not having any access to the Israeli installations. Ignoring of UN resolutions and having the UK and America protecting them from censure. The list goes on. Our politicians are well aware of this total disregard to international and so is the media.

So far as Joan Ryan is concerned, she should go and work for her friends in Tel Aviv if she isn’t prepared to offer support to the many people in this country who need help from their representatives, and pay her wages. She has been part of the plot to undermine Jeremy Corbyn since his election to the Labour Party leadership and her claims of excessive anti-Semitism has been fundamental in attempting to bring about his downfall. Likewise with Robert Halfon, if he can’t concentrate on UK problems, he should resign his position. If this isn’t foreign interference in our political process, I don’t know what is.

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