Donald Trump – the protests.

I find the protests against Donald Trump a bit odd. Are they protesting because he’s said offensive things to, or about women? Madonna and a few other minor celebrities seem very angry. I wonder who organised these worldwide protests?

The BBC claims:

“The aim is to highlight women’s rights, which protesters believe to be under threat from the new administration.”

“Some reports suggest the Washington crowd could exceed Inauguration Day.”

So it’s about women’s rights then? Aren’t men allowed to dislike Trump?

Are they are protesting about what might be? Why don’t they wait and see what Trump actually does, rather than speculating about how he might behave? One of the protest signs on the BBC says ‘Respect my Existence’ ….Isn’t that stating the bleeding obvious?

It’s a shame they can’t get angry about the victims in Iraq, Libya and Syria, when did they defend their right to exist? This is a concocted protest with zero substance. I’m certainly no supporter of Trump, however if Hilary Clinton had won, these very same people wouldn’t have ventured out of their front doors, despite Clinton being the perpetrator of mass murder in Libya.

Trump was my preference purely because Clinton was already proven to be insane. That isn’t to say he is going to be any better, who knows how he will turn out? Clinton would have ploughed resources into getting rid of Assad, she had said as much. This would have resulted in hundreds of thousands more deaths in the conflict.

We know Clinton is a psychopath, let’s wait to see if Trump is.


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