Israeli bragging rights…..

The BBC announce that ‘Israel approves delayed settlement homes’.

‘Now we can build’ a Jerusalem official says, as staunch supporter Trump takes office in the US.

The arrogant Israelis might be thinking they can do as they please, and to a certain degree, they are right. They have the biggest thug around looking after them now. Their dreams of even more power to continue with their perverted, prejudiced policies over the Palestinians are given the green light from Washington. Enjoy it while it lasts Netanyahu.

I firmly believe they will become complacent over just what they can get away with and when they do, the world won’t turn away because they shoved it in our faces. Desmond Tutu claimed the Palestinian conditions are much worse under Israel than what Black South Africans suffered during apartheid, and look what happened to that.

This isn’t just the right wing government of Israel, this has widespread public approval. Treating fellow human beings like this can’t last. The system is unsustainable and then there will be a bloodbath.


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