White Helmets – A letter to my democratic representative.

Friday 20 January 2017

Dear Matt Warman,

Whilst acknowledging your hard work on a local basis, my question is related to international events. Recently, it has been widely reported that the UK government has given money to a Syrian group known as the White Helmets. I have no problem with assisting those less well off than myself, (either at home or abroad) but I object to my taxes being given to an extremely dubious group that appear more proficient in acting and drama, than emergency services expertise. It is looking increasingly obvious that the White Helmets only gave assistance to terrorists in East Aleppo, rather than the civilians they claimed to assist. Only since the settlement occurred have we heard from civilians in East Aleppo. The vast majority have the opinion that the White Helmets were part of the terrorist Al Nusra group and did little to alleviate the hardship of civilians. I think I heard the figure of £23 million donated to this group and if that is the case, it’s truly staggering. While old people are having services cut across the country, (including your own constituency) one of our government departments is fomenting terrorism in Syria by funding this group. Not only have they been neglecting civilians, they have been accused of active involvement in both extremist violence and murder. Surely, the greatest care should be taken when handing over vast sums of money, however in this case it clearly wasn’t. In your capacity as my elected representative, could you please try to find out which department has let us all down and if anyone can be held accountable for this outrageous misuse of public funds. Thank you for your valuable time.

Yours sincerely

We should all ask questions….

…About how our tax payments are spent. Speaking of which, how will the new Trident submarines be helpful in defending this country (UK)?  They won’t be very useful if they can’t manage to fire straight. At least the authorities have ‘full confidence’ in the Trident system. That’s very reassuring.


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