Sir Gerald Kaufman.

Sir Gerald Kaufman was an extraordinary politician and whilst not agreeing with everything he said, he was a man of principle and one of the few parliamentarians who wasn't frightened of the venomous Israeli lobby here in the UK. He said 'My Grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian Grandmothers … Continue reading Sir Gerald Kaufman.


Oscar friendly terrorists.

This image is from twitter account @syracide. These sickening images should shame the spineless bastards that have anything to do with the oscars or the White Helmets. First of all the, the two men in the army fatigues are captured Syrian soldiers, they should both be entitled to fair treatment, as should any prisoner of … Continue reading Oscar friendly terrorists.

John McCain visits Syria illegally, again.

During 2011, US Senator John McCain visited Syria without getting permission from the authorities and now, just recently, McCain has again illegally trespassed on Syrian soil. His most recent visit was reported to be to an opportunity to meet  US military personnel, I assume as some sort of charm offensive in his ongoing battle with … Continue reading John McCain visits Syria illegally, again.

Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian…..

...Palestinian boy with cancer, gets 91 days for throwing rocks. These two sentences were from a tweet by @dancohen300, so my thanks go to him. I'm not a gambler but if I were, I'd put money on the Israeli murderer seeing the light of day first, if indeed he does see the darkness of a … Continue reading Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian…..