Sir Gerald Kaufman.

Sir Gerald Kaufman was an extraordinary politician and whilst not agreeing with everything he said, he was a man of principle and one of the few parliamentarians who wasn’t frightened of the venomous Israeli lobby here in the UK.

He said ‘My Grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian Grandmothers in Gaza’.

The emotion is clear to see and despite his earlier pro Zionist tendencies, he could see that the sickening treatment of Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis was not only immoral but unsustainable.

RIP Sir Gerald Kaufman.


Oscar friendly terrorists.

This image is from twitter account @syracide.

c5pcsmixmae9l9zThese sickening images should shame the spineless bastards that have anything to do with the oscars or the White Helmets. First of all the, the two men in the army fatigues are captured Syrian soldiers, they should both be entitled to fair treatment, as should any prisoner of war.  The two images at the top are clearly the same man, the picture on the left, he’s waving around an automatic weapon, on the right he’s wearing his White Helmet uniform. The two Syrian soldiers are being forced to turn towards the camera to be involved in some kind of selfie in the bottom right corner by the same man who is in the top images.

The bottom left image is the two men being led to their death.

This is not propaganda.

The White Helmet member is clearly implicated in the murder of these soldiers and there are reports that they suffered a brutal death, video recorded by ISIS. The smug, murderous bastard is here again, below.


Here are some other White Helmet terrorists.c0e7ecyukaao-ik

I could show more. Anyone who can’t see what is going on with this blatant glorification of cold blooded murderers needs their eyes testing. The British arsehole that manufactured these monsters should be arrested but instead received the OBE. I complained that my imposed tax payments should not go toward financing ISIS but my appeal was dismissed. The representative of Boston & Skegness, Matt Warman insisted these were legitimate Syrian Civil Defence. Take another look Mr Warman.

The Oscars – more than just a farce.

These people aren’t to be aspired to. They live in a cocoon that has no resemblance to reality. Millions of dollars spent on the Oscars and they can’t select a slip of paper with the winner on it but that isn’t the worst part. Some British goon with his head up his arse produces a fantasy that is so far from the truth and he wins a ‘documentary’ category. Hansel and Gretel would have had more credibility if it had been ‘nominated’.

The White Helmets aren’t like a mirror image of St Johns Ambulance*, they are brutal killers that have brought misery to ordinary Syrians. It would be the equivalent of lauding a gang of gun toting gang members as the boy scouts. It’s impossible. The White Helmets are more likely to behead your grandmother than help her cross the road.

I haven’t watched a Hollywood movie for years because I got tired of the worn out stories that they kept regurgitating and pretending they were somehow fresh and unique. They aren’t, think about it. You have a ten minute introduction, an hour and ten minutes of ‘good versus evil’ and five minutes of wallowing in the victory of the hero. It’s unoriginal garbage. You’ve seen one, you have seen them all, just different actors and actresses.

Then they have their annual get together where they pat each other on the back and tell everyone how absolutely marvelous they are while secretly detesting each other. A bunch of hypocrites and dead beats that have never done a days work in their lives. I won’t waste a moment on these losers except to call them out as the parasitic fraudsters they are.

To top it all off, we have George Clooney. Just because he’s made a film based in the Middle East, and he married some ‘head in the clouds’ lawyer from the the region, he thinks he’s an expert. You need to do some real research George Clowney. The White Helmets are the product of a  British mercenary ‘wide boy’ who thinks he’s cleverer than the rest of us. James Le Mesurier is a former Blackwater associate who recently received an OBE from his friends in the British ‘elite’. It appears that making lots of money from Syrian misery is a good reason to be ‘honoured’ by the establishment. Le Mesurier is just a small time thug. There is a a very good article here which is proof of just how gullible the Oscar organisers are, and of course Mr Clowney.


*St Johns Ambulance are a voluntary ambulance and first aid charity here in the UK.

John McCain visits Syria illegally, again.

During 2011, US Senator John McCain visited Syria without getting permission from the authorities and now, just recently, McCain has again illegally trespassed on Syrian soil. His most recent visit was reported to be to an opportunity to meet  US military personnel, I assume as some sort of charm offensive in his ongoing battle with President Trump. Not only was his visit illegal, the people he visited this time are also there without Syrian agreement.

Persistent allegations concerning McCains history should prohibit him from being taken seriously. Rumours of collaboration during his 5 and a half years of incarceration whilst he was a prisoner of war, won’t go away. Also an incident when he was a pilot based on a US naval vessel called USS Forrestal, when 134 servicemen died and he was alleged to have been responsible, still persist.

McCains father was a Navy Admiral and after the USS Liberty attack by Israel, it’s alleged McCain senior whitewashed the investigation.

The McCain clan are pure poison. A wealthy family that cling on to their power structure by bullying people and acting illegally.

Al Bab: The fantasy of a Turkey/FSA victory.

Since Erdogan decimated the Turk army because of his paranoia and lack of confidence, they are not the force they once were. It’s still a huge, well equipped army and despite the loss of  critical high ranking officers they are still very capable. However the stories that they have taken the strategic town after 104 days fighting ISIS are stretching reality. The truth is they couldn’t beat an egg and certainly not ISIS. The terrorist group have inexplicably conceded and left the town.

These two stories are connected. McCain could have asked his ISIS terrorist friends to leave Al Bab to the Turkish invaders, so that they can cause mayhem somewhere else in Syria. This is all related to his quest for Syria to be destroyed and pleasing his Israeli masters. Just like his father before him, he doesn’t work for US interests at all.

Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian…..

…Palestinian boy with cancer, gets 91 days for throwing rocks.

These two sentences were from a tweet by @dancohen300, so my thanks go to him. I’m not a gambler but if I were, I’d put money on the Israeli murderer seeing the light of day first, if indeed he does see the darkness of a prison cell at all.

Considering a rock is described as a large mass of hard mineral material or stone, I would use the word ‘stone’, which is described as a small or moderate sized hard object. The word ‘rock’ is used to exaggerate the size of the object thrown. That’s not to say a stone can’t cause damage but it’s accuracy and lethal prowess cannot be compared to that which every IDF soldier has slung over their shoulder.

Most of the Israeli crimes don’t make headlines.

Israel and its rottweiler ‘settlers’ prohibit the Palestinians  from doing the more mundane things in life. School routes and access to farmers fields are continually blocked. Crops are devastated, animals killed , property damaged. The IDF allow the crimes to go unchecked.

B’Tselem give a disturbing and revealing look into Palestinians’ lives here.


Trumps selective travel ban.

Donald Trump claims his recent travel ban is designed to stop terrorist entry to the US. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t affect Saudi Arabia, the Middle Eastern country that promotes the Wahhabism, (the most extreme Islamic teachings) two other exceptions have been made. One is Raed Salah, the leader of the White Helmets. The other is described as a cinematographer for the White Helmets, Khaled Khatib. They are being allowed entry for the Oscar awards.

The fact that the White Helmets employ a cinematographer speaks for itself.

Investigations by independent journalists, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley have exposed the White Helmets as an ISIS asset. The witness statements of evacuees from Aleppo overwhelmingly claim that the White Helmets only assisted the terrorist fighters and ignored civilians, unless their cinematographer was present. Close inspection of the videos Mr Khatib recorded reveal that something is not quite right. Victims in a conflict zone are not paraded before they get treatment. Children ‘dumped’ in the back of an ambulance to be left untreated, to enable video footage to be taken, is not normal first aid procedure. The emergency situation of a collapsed building does not allow rescuers to frantically remove rubble, this could disturb the building to collapse even more. After an earthquake, the procedure has to be meticulous and thoughtful to save lives.

More evidence of White Helmet deception is in their own publicity stunts.


Having seen many of the videos produced by the White Helmets, these ladies above haven’t rescued anyone. You will be lucky to see any women, even victims, in their productions. ISIS interpretation of Islam would forbid their involvement, which is the reason they don’t appear in any dramatic rescue footage.

Even though I have been able to find reasons why Mr Saleh and Mr Khatib should be refused a visa, the  CIA, FBI, Home Security and whatever other American  security organisations exist, have been unable to flag these two Syrian nationals up as a possible terrorist threat? The answer to that is yes. Just last year, whilst Obama was still president, Mr Saleh was banned from entry into the US.

Despite all this, the two White Helmet terrorists will feel amongst friends at the Oscars. After all, their productions will blend in nicely with all the fantasy and horror movies.


Ronald Fiddler by name, fiddler by nature.

If reports are true about this imbecile, Ronald Fiddler, I’m very pleased that he is splattered over the desert. Not normally speaking ill of the dead, I’ll make an exception for this misguided, easily led and naive excuse of a man. If he received a million pounds from this government or any government, it should be discovered who authorised it. The person or people that did, should be forced to repay it and be tried for fraud. Why should we pay for American crimes? Guantanamo was and is an American internment camp and while I would condemn the practice of imprisonment without fair trial, I don’t think we should pay for it.

The UK security services may well have been heavily involved, and if they were, we should make sure it can’t happen again. The lessons have not been learnt because we are meddling in Syria, when it is abundantly clear what the consequences are. Guantanamo is abhorrent, but the British taxpayer shouldn’t foot the bill. If Blair got Fiddler released he should be arrested for aiding terrorism.

I’m pleased that I can’t explain to Mr Fiddler that his decision to lather himself all over the Middle East doesn’t prove to anyone that he was a good Muslim. Quite the opposite, it proves that he was a stupid man, conned by the ISIS leaders that won’t be jumping into an explosive laden vehicle any time soon. These ISIS ‘top brass’ aren’t much different to conventional Generals in the armed forces.

The most compelling reason not to be ISIS cannon fodder is because it is not a just cause. Bashar Al Assad never had different laws for different religions. Yes, prejudices existed but was anyone allowed to go and put a bullet in an injured mans head, while he lay on the floor, probably already dying? Was a particular segment of society not allowed in certain areas? How about a religious group not being allowed to travel freely without having to negotiate checkpoints?

If Mr Fiddler wanted to die for a just cause he should have been driving his weapon of mass destruction towards the criminal entity occupying the Golan Heights. I didn’t want to offend this mans family and I hope they don’t mourn him for too long. He simply isn’t worth it. My concern would go to the families of any brave Iraqi soldiers caught up in his quest to please his ISIS masters.