Amnesty International is an unreliable source.

Without going into too much detail, the recent Amnesty International report claiming that 13,000 detainees had been executed in a Syrian prison cannot be described as anything other than wild speculation. They cite the details of 39 people, while the rest of the alleged victims go unnamed. The evidence comprises the statements of anti Assad rebels and people that have left the country.

The BBC  dutifully repeat all the accusations relying on Amnesty’s good name as testament to the veracity of the claims. However, close inspection of Amnesty’s credibility (as well as many other of the ‘respected’ NGO’s) doesn’t instil confidence. Amnesty corroborated the Iraqi soldiers ‘throwing babies from incubators’ story, during the invasion of Kuwait.

They also supported the attack on Libya with their reporting of events, and now this flawed report being repeated word for word by the media. These aren’t mistakes, these are deliberate acts of provocation and blatant pro war propaganda. If we take a look at the internal state of Amnesty, it isn’t much better. They gave the Secretary General a £500k pay out when she left in 2009 and tried to keep it a secret. These organisations live off their past reputations, as unbiased protectors of civilians. They may have been at one time but certainly not any more. They are thoroughly tainted and survive on the funds provided by the US, UK and other Western nations.

Similar to ‘charities’ and organisations who plead for donations to allow them to continue their ‘good work’, Amnesty are as corrupt as any of the massive corporations. Their chiefs demand ridiculous amounts of money, comparable to the commercial sector but try to maintain their veil of respectability and honesty. Look up any charity, the bosses rake in vast amounts of money, then they want you to pay for it with your charitable donations. This includes many of the various medical charities, that if we think about it, don’t actually achieve much.

Syrian Network of Human Rights.

The main source for the report is the Syrian Network of Human Rights, another British organisation similar to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. Both are ‘rebel supporters’, both claim to be impartial. They aren’t. Fadel Abdul Ghani and Rami Abdulrahman run the two organisations respectively, the latter being an exile from Syria for 15 years, the former being difficult to find information about. Both clearly detest the Syrian government they describe as the ‘regime’ and therefore any information they provide must be flagged as suspicious. Unless you are Amnesty International.


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