Fake news – the disconnect.

The media’s apparent ‘war on fake news’ is treated as if it’s exclusively an internet phenomena, as if it’s disconnected from their own ‘real factual news’. In reality, many of the lies emanate from Reuters and other agencies that are regarded as honest organisations.

For instance, the allegations in the recent Amnesty International report on Bashar Al Assad’s government executing thousands of political prisoners, has been widely publicised by all the ‘trusted’ corporations that provide us with what they would describe as honest broadcasting and publication. The Amnesty allegations have been repeated word for word and without barely a word of reservation, despite the fact it hadn’t provided a scrap of evidence to support it. The report relies on the witness evidence of exiled Syrians that have no love for the current government in Damascus. In other words, it is at best, baseless accusations and at worst, the propaganda of Assad enemies.

Owen Jones, a writer for the Guardian, recently claimed there was ‘credible evidence from the UN that 82 civilians had been killed’ in the wake of the Syrian governments removal of terrorists from the Eastern part of Aleppo. The implication is that government supporting militias and soldiers had committed a slaughter. Subsequently, the accusations simply dried up when it became evident that no such crimes at taken place.

The murder of Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor, by the US coalition was described as an unfortunate error. Because ISIS attacked the same area, minutes after the air attack was completed, a reasonable conclusion might be that there had been a certain amount of co-ordination between the two military assaults. If the two events were described in the same articles, they certainly weren’t connected as being a combined effort by the US and ISIS, which is a perfectly reasonable conclusion to draw. ISIS succeeded in their attack, thanks to the coalition significantly weakening Syrian Arab Army defences and because of that success, over 100,000 civilians are still in a very precarious position, months after the strikes occurred.

Perhaps this isn’t exactly ‘fake news’ but it certainly is a deception that was committed by the US coalition and been completely distorted by the mainstream media since. The brass neck of the agencies that claim internet based fake news is becoming a serious problem, is obvious. It is also obvious that the US coalition (which includes UK military personnel) isn’t trying to destroy ISIS but is actually working in conjunction with them to bring about the removal of President Assad and his government.

Furthermore, the media do not make it clear that by helping the terrorists to remove the legitimate government of a sovereign state, the coalition are committing at least two internationally accepted crimes.

Even a cursory look at how events are reported to us provides serious questions as to the basic honesty of our news agencies. Anyone that takes a serious interest in these news reports could conclude that the hype over ‘fake news’ is simply a deflection technique used by government and media, to create distrust in some of the (far more honest) items that appear on the internet. The BBC, Fox and all the other media outlets accusing ‘rogue elements of fake news’ are actually covering up their own dishonesty. The worrying thing is that we don’t know half of it.


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