The Trump and Netanyahu show.

RTSYTTX.jpeg‘There is no greater friend to the Israeli state than Donald Trump.’


Netanyahu, almost incessantly grinning from ear to ear, had the look of a diminutive student, sidling up to his new best pal, the school bully. Trump, pretending to be the first impartial President, initially claiming he would solve the Palestine/Israel conflict.

The Palestinians must recognise Israel.

Why should they? In the same public meeting with Netanyahu, he’s saying he couldn’t care less if the Palestinians have their own state or not. Hardly the words of an unbiased mediator.

How will Trump oversee this attempt at peace?

With great difficulty, bearing in mind he refuses to communicate with the Palestinians. Yes, he implores Netanyahu to slow down on the new settlements but what exactly does ‘slow down’ mean?

The reality: A Palestinian state is impossible.201306_area_c_map_eng

The red* areas are controlled by Israel. The Palestinian areas are riddled with over 100 Israeli checkpoints. Travelling around their ‘own’ country is made impossible by the Israelis, deliberately. The ‘chosen people’ choose the Palestinians movements.

Family loyalty.

Trumps daughter is married to a Zionist Jew, Jared Kushner. He has campaigned for, and given money to the Israel Defence Force. Has he donated to a US veterans charity? I doubt it. This clearly shows his loyalties lie with Israel. Kushner has also helped finance illegal Israeli settlements, internationally condemned as being unlawful.

To think that Trump will be an honest broker in the Palestine/Israeli conflict is pure fantasy. Sadly, Trump is making previous Presidents look like they were impartial.

* The red areas controlled by Israel are increasing on a daily basis.

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