The ludicrous ‘Iranian threat’.

So what is this great threat from the Iranians? How many countries have they attacked? Actually, they haven’t attacked any other countries for hundreds of years, the war with Iraq was initiated by Saddam, with US encouragement, logistics and military hardware. The Iranian government are what could be described as straight laced or traditional and they demand certain behaviour from its citizens  but so far as a threat to other nations, it’s none existent. The reason they are helping the Syrian government is due to long standing agreements and being allies for decades.


Above is a map of US military bases that seemingly surround Iran. It appears the Americans are  ina very good position to threaten Iran. Why on earth would they need so many bases in Saudi, for example? To put it in perspective, the US has over 800 military bases worldwide.


I couldn’t find any Iranian bases bordering the US.

Have Iran threatened an American ally?

They have threatened to respond to any nation that attacks them. Even though the US sanctions are an act of war, they haven’t responded and in fact, they have agreed a nuclear containment treaty with America and others. Israel condemned the deal and so has President Donald Trump.

They threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

No, they didn’t. They accused Israel of being an illegitimate entity and said they ought not to have been created at all (removed from the pages of time). This is because of the ongoing crimes committed on the Palestinians and in no way is a threat to Israeli Jews. It is merely saying it isn’t their country. Having said that,  Iran have not threatened to attack Israel, it would be madness anyhow. Israel is a nuclear armed state, Iran is not.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been claiming for twenty years that Iran are only months away from creating a nuclear weapon. Iranian leaders insist it is against their religious beliefs and they have no intention of using nuclear technology for anything other than peaceful means.

It seems that the Zionists are very sensitive about their own legitimacy and demand recognition of a Jewish state but deprive the Palestinians of having their own borders and self rule.

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