Tony Blair must be having a laugh.

Tony Blair has recently attacked the democratic result of the the Brexit referendum, claiming we don’t know what we are doing and that he knows better. I wasn’t a fervent supporter of Brexit but eventually I decided to vote to exit Europe, while not being sure about the consequences. The reality is that the UK is a huge market for other countries to trade with and if they try to tax us too much, the same can be done to them. We buy in much more than we sell. For instance, if it weren’t for German cars, our roads would be much less congested. The UK is vital to German exports and so if they get awkward with us, we bang an extra tax on their cars.

The cost of being in the EU is massive. The system is corrupt and too many people get money for nothing. It’s not democratic and why do we need so many levels of ‘government’? Enormous costly buildings have been built and the addition of so many smaller European countries increases the cost to the more developed. I have no problem with Europeans making their life here but I am against the abuse of them being used in slave labour type conditions and having to live in slums. However, the very noble act of working here to better their relatives left at home by sending their spare cash to them, has to have an effect on our economy. On a personal level, I wouldn’t dare migrate to another country if I couldn’t speak the language. Communication is everything and I think that people coming here to work in an English language environment, should be able to adequately converse. All the health and safety rules and regulations are pointless if a worker cannot understand signs and instructions.

These are not the points that Blair would argue or even discuss. Europeans that he would be likely to encounter would be well educated, fluent English speaking. He wouldn’t be concerned with Europeans being a danger to themselves and others due to communication issues in a warehouse.

So far as Blair is concerned, his track record speaks for itself. He was a major contributor to the destruction of the UK health service, which is being run down so much that private companies will be ‘invited’ to take over from failing departments, as is already happening. The Private Financial Initiatives and Public Private Partnership were started by the Conservative regime but massively increased by Blair and his inept governments. This is a time bomb that most British people are blissfully unaware of. The Scottish government have already had to close 17 schools when they were found to be unsafe and the repair bill is still being disputed. More details about PPP/PFI can be found here.

Blair, as we all know, was a major factor in criminal invasion of Iraq, something that he still claims he would do all over again. I’ve absolutely no doubt that most Iraqis would disagree. Apart from there being a million and a half less than there were during Saddam’s reign, the country has been destroyed and is still mired in war. Experts claim that ISIS began its life in Iraq because of the unlawful chaos. Lets also not forget that Iraq have, and still are being robbed of their resources by primarily the Americans but no doubt British companies are benefiting too. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is well aware of this theft.

During the initial invasion of Iraq by ISIS, the existing Iraqi forces appeared to abandon their posts and go home. This left billions of dollars worth of equipment, (originally sold to them by the US) that effectively armed ISIS, who subsequently used some of it to support their war with the Syrian Arab Army and their allies in Syria. Blair is guilty of being instrumental in the invasion of Iraq so must shoulder the blame for all the Middle East chaos since. The Iraq invasion was the catalyst.

Blair now has the brass neck to reinvent himself as the EU knight in shining armour that will inform the British people of their mistake of voting to remove ourselves from the chains of the European experiment. The slight majority disagree with him but that is enough for him to make his political comeback and demand we rethink. For those of us that voted to leave, his interference is wonderful. He is obviously deluded enough to think he still has support amongst the UK people. He hasn’t. If ‘we’ didn’t understand the ramifications of invading Iraq in 2003 (clearly those who marched against it did) we do now.

This is where Blair trips himself up. By insisting he would do the same again, knowing the consequences, instead of admitting it was a terrible mistake, Blair confesses to everyone he is a psychopath. Even people that take little interest in politics recognise his response is not normal. It comes down to morality. If an individual does something that they didn’t realise would cause harm to someone in an unexpected way, they would show remorse and admit they regret what they did.

There is no need for speculation with regards to Blair. He is consistent in his admission that he is a cold blooded psychopath, with no sense of responsibility for the deaths of untold numbers. ‘Normal’ people would regret their actions, even if it resulted in a minor injury, if it were their fault.


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