Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian…..

…Palestinian boy with cancer, gets 91 days for throwing rocks.

These two sentences were from a tweet by @dancohen300, so my thanks go to him. I’m not a gambler but if I were, I’d put money on the Israeli murderer seeing the light of day first, if indeed he does see the darkness of a prison cell at all.

Considering a rock is described as a large mass of hard mineral material or stone, I would use the word ‘stone’, which is described as a small or moderate sized hard object. The word ‘rock’ is used to exaggerate the size of the object thrown. That’s not to say a stone can’t cause damage but it’s accuracy and lethal prowess cannot be compared to that which every IDF soldier has slung over their shoulder.

Most of the Israeli crimes don’t make headlines.

Israel and its rottweiler ‘settlers’ prohibit the Palestinians  from doing the more mundane things in life. School routes and access to farmers fields are continually blocked. Crops are devastated, animals killed , property damaged. The IDF allow the crimes to go unchecked.

B’Tselem give a disturbing and revealing look into Palestinians’ lives here.


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