John McCain visits Syria illegally, again.

During 2011, US Senator John McCain visited Syria without getting permission from the authorities and now, just recently, McCain has again illegally trespassed on Syrian soil. His most recent visit was reported to be to an opportunity to meet  US military personnel, I assume as some sort of charm offensive in his ongoing battle with President Trump. Not only was his visit illegal, the people he visited this time are also there without Syrian agreement.

Persistent allegations concerning McCains history should prohibit him from being taken seriously. Rumours of collaboration during his 5 and a half years of incarceration whilst he was a prisoner of war, won’t go away. Also an incident when he was a pilot based on a US naval vessel called USS Forrestal, when 134 servicemen died and he was alleged to have been responsible, still persist.

McCains father was a Navy Admiral and after the USS Liberty attack by Israel, it’s alleged McCain senior whitewashed the investigation.

The McCain clan are pure poison. A wealthy family that cling on to their power structure by bullying people and acting illegally.

Al Bab: The fantasy of a Turkey/FSA victory.

Since Erdogan decimated the Turk army because of his paranoia and lack of confidence, they are not the force they once were. It’s still a huge, well equipped army and despite the loss of  critical high ranking officers they are still very capable. However the stories that they have taken the strategic town after 104 days fighting ISIS are stretching reality. The truth is they couldn’t beat an egg and certainly not ISIS. The terrorist group have inexplicably conceded and left the town.

These two stories are connected. McCain could have asked his ISIS terrorist friends to leave Al Bab to the Turkish invaders, so that they can cause mayhem somewhere else in Syria. This is all related to his quest for Syria to be destroyed and pleasing his Israeli masters. Just like his father before him, he doesn’t work for US interests at all.


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