Oscar friendly terrorists.

This image is from twitter account @syracide.

c5pcsmixmae9l9zThese sickening images should shame the spineless bastards that have anything to do with the oscars or the White Helmets. First of all the, the two men in the army fatigues are captured Syrian soldiers, they should both be entitled to fair treatment, as should any prisoner of war.  The two images at the top are clearly the same man, the picture on the left, he’s waving around an automatic weapon, on the right he’s wearing his White Helmet uniform. The two Syrian soldiers are being forced to turn towards the camera to be involved in some kind of selfie in the bottom right corner by the same man who is in the top images.

The bottom left image is the two men being led to their death.

This is not propaganda.

The White Helmet member is clearly implicated in the murder of these soldiers and there are reports that they suffered a brutal death, video recorded by ISIS. The smug, murderous bastard is here again, below.


Here are some other White Helmet terrorists.c0e7ecyukaao-ik

I could show more. Anyone who can’t see what is going on with this blatant glorification of cold blooded murderers needs their eyes testing. The British arsehole that manufactured these monsters should be arrested but instead received the OBE. I complained that my imposed tax payments should not go toward financing ISIS but my appeal was dismissed. The representative of Boston & Skegness, Matt Warman insisted these were legitimate Syrian Civil Defence. Take another look Mr Warman.

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