The Oscars – more than just a farce.

These people aren’t to be aspired to. They live in a cocoon that has no resemblance to reality. Millions of dollars spent on the Oscars and they can’t select a slip of paper with the winner on it but that isn’t the worst part. Some British goon with his head up his arse produces a fantasy that is so far from the truth and he wins a ‘documentary’ category. Hansel and Gretel would have had more credibility if it had been ‘nominated’.

The White Helmets aren’t like a mirror image of St Johns Ambulance*, they are brutal killers that have brought misery to ordinary Syrians. It would be the equivalent of lauding a gang of gun toting gang members as the boy scouts. It’s impossible. The White Helmets are more likely to behead your grandmother than help her cross the road.

I haven’t watched a Hollywood movie for years because I got tired of the worn out stories that they kept regurgitating and pretending they were somehow fresh and unique. They aren’t, think about it. You have a ten minute introduction, an hour and ten minutes of ‘good versus evil’ and five minutes of wallowing in the victory of the hero. It’s unoriginal garbage. You’ve seen one, you have seen them all, just different actors and actresses.

Then they have their annual get together where they pat each other on the back and tell everyone how absolutely marvelous they are while secretly detesting each other. A bunch of hypocrites and dead beats that have never done a days work in their lives. I won’t waste a moment on these losers except to call them out as the parasitic fraudsters they are.

To top it all off, we have George Clooney. Just because he’s made a film based in the Middle East, and he married some ‘head in the clouds’ lawyer from the the region, he thinks he’s an expert. You need to do some real research George Clowney. The White Helmets are the product of a  British mercenary ‘wide boy’ who thinks he’s cleverer than the rest of us. James Le Mesurier is a former Blackwater associate who recently received an OBE from his friends in the British ‘elite’. It appears that making lots of money from Syrian misery is a good reason to be ‘honoured’ by the establishment. Le Mesurier is just a small time thug. There is a a very good article here which is proof of just how gullible the Oscar organisers are, and of course Mr Clowney.


*St Johns Ambulance are a voluntary ambulance and first aid charity here in the UK.


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