Tabqa dam – The awful truth.

The danger of the Tabqa dam failure is not an 'unforeseen circumstance'. It is not to ISIS' advantage that there is a collapse, their last major stronghold in Syria is in the path of what might be a an absolute catastrophe. The result of a failure doesn't bear thinking about, hundreds of thousands of people … Continue reading Tabqa dam – The awful truth.


Michael Kaydar.

Mainstream media ignore suspected terrorist. Michael Kaydar is an Israeli/US citizen, currently residing in Israel. He has recently been arrested for using bomb threats on American Jewish institutions. He used a range of techniques to avoid being identified but slipped up, prior to his arrest. If Kaydar was a Muslim the news would be headline … Continue reading Michael Kaydar.

Theresa May and the Balfour declaration.

Prime Minister Theresa May thinks we (British) should take pride and celebrate the centenary of the Balfour declaration. She must be deluded. Anyone with any interest in the declaration would realise that this single piece of paper was the approval for Jews to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their homes. It's something that the British … Continue reading Theresa May and the Balfour declaration.