Andre Vitchek – Lock up England.

Today, I read an article by Andre Vitchek called Lock up England in Jail or an Insane Asylum. Broadly speaking, I agree with his commentary and it should be mandatory reading, not just for the English but for the British in general (I don’t include Ireland because they have been as much a victim of English deceit as anyone else). Andre has a view of the British that is typical of many ‘foreigners’ and it’s beneficial for us to be aware of how other people perceive us.

Because of the pro British bias of history education in UK schools, our perception of the world is much different to that of the many countries we have committed crimes against. They have felt the brutal force of British colonialism and the heinous crimes that have been inflicted on them. Where I might differ with Mr Vitchek is in his condemnation of the general population of the UK. His tone infers that it has been a national decision to cause such harm to other people. The simple fact is that the vast majority of British people over the centuries have been victims of the very same deceptions that other nations have had to endure. The key to this success has been creating the reasons a particular country ‘needs’ to be invaded in order to gain popular approval at home. If a recent example is needed, think Iraq.

I don’t know if it’s deliberate but Mr Vitchek fails to mention (the elephant in the room) Zionist influence on world events during the last 150 years. Zionists have manipulated many powerful forces to promote their plans. The Palestinians know only too well how their treatment has been hidden away from the masses by the mainstream media. The point being that it never benefited British interests for Israeli crimes to be so effectively concealed by both TV and newspapers.

He rightly accuses the British media of misinterpretations and outright lies but who owns the media companies? The Oscars didn’t recently award a documentary top prize to a film about the terrorist group the White Helmets because it was justified. It can’t have been awarded on merit because they have been repeatedly exposed as frauds. The destruction of Syria benefits only one country, Israel (forget that the Saudis are paying for it, they are financing it for Israel). After failing to get a Nobel prize for the WH, the Oscars were a piece of cake due to Zionism having many friends in Hollywood. How many pro Palestine movies have been produced? There might not have been any blatantly pro Israel films either but underlying sympathies always lie with Israel. This is a crucial aspect of shaping opinions. Watch any American conflict or ‘intelligence’drama and there is almost always reference to the guile and supremacy of the Israeli security organisation, Mossad. After viewing the series NCIS a number of times, the script writer doesn’t seem to be able to write a program that doesn’t refer to Mossad.

The decision to ‘give’ Palestine to Zionist elements early in the 2oth century was a sign that the elite were indeed an international cooperation. This inclusion was to cause the death of British soldiers in Palestine at the hands of Jewish terrorism. Not that the death of British servicemen has ever bothered the elite, the reaction of the masses at home was and is the problem.

Our revered World War two ‘mastermind’ provides ample evidence to support my claim. Winston Churchill had been the First Lord of the Admiralty during the ‘Great War’ and it was he who engineered the attack on Gallipoli. The decision was to cause the death of 45,000 allied lives, including many New Zealanders and Australians. Such a catastrophic loss of both hardware and manpower should have finished Churchill but just like many politicians in the past, they fade into the background, then quietly reappear. Many politicians and influential people must have been aware of Churchill’s military ineptitude from WW 1, yet he was elected to be the countries leader at the start of WW 2.

In 1937 Churchill said this:

“I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.”

Despite comments such as this, he’s still highly regarded as some sort of glorious legend to the British. Not only did he have contempt for people with different coloured skin but also for people who weren’t in his elite circle. His life was littered with examples of his belief that he was superior. Such an arrogant, racist, prejudiced bigot couldn’t have such a glorious reputation without a controlled media. Many of us wouldn’t admit to being his friend, never mind hero worshipping him.

The media play a critical part in this process. Whilst seeming to highlight the return of these failures, they actually smooth the way for them to continue their careers by ‘admitting’ that he/she is the right person for the job and that everyone makes mistakes. . Prior to the official announcement of a returning (previously disgraced to the point of resignation) minister, the TV and newspapers will speculate about their return to soften the impact of their imminent appointment. The elite have a completely different set of rules to us. The politicians with influence are the ones that keep bouncing back and are usually supported by a powerful lobby. A good example is Liam Fox, who is the Secretary of State for International Trade, and President of the Board of Trade. Fox was forced to resign over his working relationship with Adam Werritty. It was strongly suggested they were both overly familiar with Israeli intelligence and of course, Fox is well known for his pro Israeli tendencies. Many of their meetings are surrounded in mystery. Craig Murray, the former Ambassador attempted to find out details through a Freedom of Information request but was effectively ignored. His inside knowledge of Embassy protocols and the general workings of the foreign office are an invaluable resource.

Media and politics are reliant on each other to continue the deception that influences the way we think, perhaps even more so today than at any time. The arrival of the internet has created a situation whereby the ‘rulers’ have to close ranks in order to survive. Freedom to research and publish on the world wide web is being very slowly curtailed, and it will continue to do so until the elite gain at least partial control, and are able to restrict content.

My aim in this article isn’t to ‘bash the British’. In many respects, as I’ve already said, we are in some ways the victims too. It’s certainly not a rebuttal to Andre Vitcheks excellent essay that I link to. Sometimes even the most accurate descriptions need to be put in context. The many crimes of the British establishment and its cohorts cannot be blamed on your average working class Brit. Just like any other nation, we have our share of miscreants but we are not a nation of bloodthirsty psychopaths that delight in other peoples misfortune.


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