Trump has morphed into Obama.

For all Donald Trump’s bluster about policy changes during the election campaign, he has actually carried on where Obama left off. He is still threatening a Syrian partition to please Israel, whilst it also keeps the oil companies happy because of the vast profits they will gain from the pipeline that Assad refused to allow. The Kurds could be critical in stopping the latter and recent cooperation with Syrian forces might be a good sign but their lack of reliability is notorious. One thing is obvious, the US aren’t going to look after Kurdish interests. They will only continue to support them when it suits their own needs.

After Trump claimed it would be America first from now on, his conviction only lasted until he shared a press conference with Netanyahu. Trump’s family ties to the Israeli regime will mean every decision will be tainted through his blue and white tinted spectacles. Unconditional support for the rogue state will continue, exactly as it did with Obama but this time, because of friendlier relations between the two leaders, it won’t be so strained. Obama and Netanyahu clearly did not like each other on a personal and professional basis.

Obama’s dislike of Netanyahu was justified. At every opportunity, Netanyahu tried to make him look weak. Having learnt a lot about Netanyahu from studying his many years at the forefront of Israeli politics, he is one of the most detestable politicians. He’s arrogant, a supremely accomplished liar and if he worked in a second hand car dealers, he wouldnt earn much commission. Netanyahu can be quite convincing but under closer scrutiny, he’s the boy that cried wolf.

Behind the back slapping and warm greetings, Trump and Netanyahu probably hate each other too. The Israeli will think that Trump will be much easier to deal with than Obama and first impressions are that if Netanyahu tells him to jump, he will respond with how high?

Throughout Trumps life he will have encountered many Zionists. His dealings with property developers and lawyers will have ensured it. Of course, no matter what Trump does for the Israeli Prime Minister, it will never be enough.

The Palestinians will be the ones that suffer most but I have a slight hope that the current US/Israeli leaders might become overconfident in their expected domination of Middle East affairs. No matter how important they may think they are, if Israeli crimes become too obvious and decent human beings start to seriously question their discriminatory policies, the game will be up. South Africa had the support of US, UK and Israeli governments amongst other countries (that weren’t so public in their support) but when world opinion becomes so overwhelmingly against any regime, it’s days are numbered.

All the Israeli positive spin in the world by the corrupt mainstream media won’t hide the prejudices and contempt for their Palestinian victims.


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