Theresa May and the Balfour declaration.

Prime Minister Theresa May thinks we (British) should take pride and celebrate the centenary of the Balfour declaration. She must be deluded. Anyone with any interest in the declaration would realise that this single piece of paper was the approval for Jews to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their homes. It’s something that the British should be unequivocally ashamed of. The cruelty and criminality of not just the signatory but the vast majority of British politicians who have supported it since, should hang their heads in shame.

It wasn’t ‘ours’ to give away. Palestinians had lived there for centuries alongside both Christians and Jews. Jewish Palestinians that complained of their neighbours being forcibly removed were dealt with in the same manner. The enormity of the crime is difficult to comprehend. Hundreds of thousands driven from their homes.

Jewish terrorist gangs driving them out claimed that they had abandoned their homes of their own accord. What actually happened was that as each village was ‘cleansed’ the message was being relayed to the next village, it was loud and clear. Flee or be slaughtered.

The Palestinians didn’t have an army. They couldn’t resist. Jewish treatment of Arabs was in actual fact much worse than their treatment at the hands of the Nazis. Many old Jews weren’t welcome in the fledgling new Israel, young fit people were required to dispossess the Arabs.

Much worse than these described events happened. Every British person with a conscience shouldn’t take pride in the Balfour declaration, we should declare something of our own…..

Shame on Britain for the Balfour Declaration.

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