The Zionist mindset.

Here is a screen-shot of the Jerusalem Post website:

jerusalem post.jpg

As the headline indicates, the newspaper website asks the question, ‘What is in the Trump administration for us?’

Why does the Israeli media speculate on what ‘the tribe’ might be able to do for Israel? Would Pakistani media comment on what a Muslim elected to the British parliament might be able to do for them? Should the question of religious ‘loyalty’ demand more scrutiny?

What sort of influence can eleven people have on a huge political system like the US regime has? President Trump wouldn’t have Muslims replace the Jewish element of his team, for obvious reasons and because of his pre election vilification of Muslims.

This isn’t a question initiated by anti Semitism. After all, it is the Jerusalem Post asking it, not me. Would an elected Muslim be expected to fight for the rights of all Muslims if they gained a top job in a Western government?

I suspect the Jerusalem Post headline is driven by extreme Zionists in Israel who clearly believe that having pro Israeli’s in the US decision making progress is essential. To describe an orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner as being well placed to facilitate a Palestinian/Israeli peace process is laughable. Kushner has donated to the Israeli Defence Force and to elements concerned with building the illegal settlements scattered all over Palestinian owned land. Kushner being Trumps son in law will not render him a fair middle man in the negotiations. Promotion of the mythical home land will obscure any notion of impartiality.

Regarding the impression Trump has made since his inauguration, the jury is no longer out. Just like all his predecessors, he has proven to be a supremely confident con man. the general direction of the US foreign policy hasn’t changed. His promise to go after ISIS has been exposed as fantasy and the project to remove President Assad from Syrian government carries on. US troop movement in the Middle East strongly suggests the US support for the Kurds will eventually result in carving up Syria or at least that is their intentions.

Syrian people have battled, along with their allies for six long years to repel the extreme criminal thugs, they will not cave in to another, even if he is the President of the United States.

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