Tabqa dam – The awful truth.

The danger of the Tabqa dam failure is not an ‘unforeseen circumstance’. It is not to ISIS’ advantage that there is a collapse, their last major stronghold in Syria is in the path of what might be a an absolute catastrophe. The result of a failure doesn’t bear thinking about, hundreds of thousands of people could die. Even though the Americans knew the dangers, they continued to bomb the area and attack ISIS.

A well respected commenter on the moon of alabama website, PavewayIV has been warning that the US could indeed have a ‘nasty accident’ with reference to this particular dam. The Kurds, who have been extensively supported by US forces have now ceased operations in the area.

Mainstream media are now asking ‘could ISIS carry through its threat to blow the dam?’. This is a lie. It is the US that have targeted it, knowing the possible outcome. Such a deliberate act by ISIS would be it’s last crime. No one would want to be associated with such an evil entity, it’s supporters would be vilified.

ISIS and the other groups closely associated with it, despite using hundreds of suicide truck drivers, does not want their great adventure (as they see it) to end. It’s a criminal Mafia that has been encouraged and enabled by the US, UK and others to create chaos in Syria, in order to get rid of Assad. In doing so, they have ‘enjoyed an unprecedented wave of crime and mayhem’, making the rules up as they go along. They have no spiritual or religious connection to Islam, they just use it to recruit vulnerable, uneducated people.

The Tabqa dam is an extremely worrying escalation, we can only hope there is a resolution that doesn’t involve the killing of thousands. The US coalition have not been overly concerned about the deaths of Iraqi, Libyan and now Syrian civilians, I don’t expect them to start now.

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