Michael Kaydar revisited.

Despite mainstream media completely ignoring the antics of Michael Kaydar, (and possibly that of his father) a few details have emerged via Israeli sources. It’s claimed by arresting officers that Kaydar attempted to snatch a weapon off one of them, namely a handgun. His mother has been interviewed, anonymously and claims he’s autistic, has a benign brain tumour and had to be taught at home because he couldn’t cope with ordinary school life.


This is the nearest we’ve been to seeing Mr Kaydar.

It is in stark contrast to his mothers description of him that we discover the extremely complex evasion techniques he used to avoid detection of his terrorism threats. His mother said he is blameless and yet he had numerous computers and sophisticated equipment to use other peoples internet connections. To actually carry out such an operation without being caught for two years indicates a high level of technical expertise not found in ‘Windows for Dummies’ books.

The way this case is being reported (or rather lack of) is because of the nationality and religion of the suspect. Had this been an extreme far right supporter, or indeed a Muslim, his face and every detail of his life would have been front page news in the West. Ignore it and it might go away appears to be their current tactic.

The clamour to highlight anti-Semitic crimes as being somehow more grievous than other prejudice related crimes is becoming more prevalent. These crimes make no sense and they should all be rejected by any decent society. There isn’t a league table to prove the severity of discrimination and neither should there be.

Statistics produced by groups such as this should be closely examined. To call a trivial insult a serious crime is the kind of exaggeration that must be avoided to keep things in perspective. School playground taunts need to be ignored or half the nations children over 8 would be the subject of asbos (legally binding restrictions on personal behaviour).

If Jewish associations similar to ‘Campaign Against AntiSemitism‘ wanted to really make a difference, they would discourage essays like this which merely promote the seriousness of an incident to inflate the statistics.

Considering there is so much talk by Netanyahu of ‘the Jewish homeland’ , perhaps some of these people should concentrate on trying to get freedom and justice for the downtrodden Palestinians who are forced to use dirt tracks whilst the illegal settlers have exclusive use of brand new roads and are subjected to much more prejudice than any Jew living in the UK… Every single day of their lives..



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