Indestructible White Helmet ‘heroes’.

The first responders were apparently not concerned with their own safety in treating the victims. Even a basic trained emergency services worker would know that victims of Sarin gas would be in mortal danger by not using required safety clothing. Despite early claims of Sarin, the White Helmets were oblivious, not even using gloves. Maybe they knew something we didn’t.

What were children doing in this environment at 6-30 in the morning? Were they moved to that place for some reason and if so why hasn’t it been explained.

The terrorist British doctor Shajul Islam claims that the first patients were brought into ‘his’ hospital at 8-30am. How far away is the hospital from the scene of the crime?

Considering he is just one of almost 20 million people in Syria, why does Shajul Islam keep cropping up in hospitals and was previously seen wandering about with a semi automatic weapon and taking hostages. Is he there to save lives or end them?

Why have autopsies carried out in Turkey concluded that Sarin was used when it was perfectly obvious from the White Helmets lack of safety gear that it is impossible that Sarin was the chemical weapon used? I’ll quote a user from the moon of alabama forum here, I hope he won’t mind, he’s called Denis:

‘This best way to see immediately that the victims have not died from sarin intoxication is that in almost every case their skin is red/pink. Sarin turns people blue — always. Sarin makes people puke on themselves, urinate on themselves, shit themselves. Show me the evidence of sarin. Scores and scores of “sarin victims,” not a single one has the constellation of symptoms produced by sarin. Not a single one.

The red/pink color of the victims in the vids suggests the people were executed with cyanide or carbon monoxide, which, in turn, suggests these scenes are staged after the executions. The evidence for KS is just now being collected. The evidence for Ghouta is very, very strong: those people were gassed by the terrorists using, probably, CO.

My PhD is in pharmacology, specializing in neuropharmacology, University of Virginia. My postdoc was at Harvard in neurosciences. I am a lawyer. I know bullshit when I smell it. This sarin bullshit has to stop.’

Apart from Denis’ explanation, the White Helmets would have been dropping like the shit flies that they are if Sarin was the CW.

Can ISIS/FSA give details of what happened to over 250 civilians kidnapped from pro government areas just two days prior to this event? Denis’s statement above does not rule out that the some victims may have been killed prior to the ‘charade’. The names and addresses of the victims would clear a few issues up.

Exactly the same situation happened just before the Ghouta attack, hundreds of civilians were kidnapped, many of them Alawites.



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