Bye, bye BBC……

My TV licence fee is due soon but after listening to Eddie Mair on PM last night when I was commuting to work, I’ve decided enough is enough. I will not pay money to be inundated with propaganda. I wouldn’t say there are specific rules to control how the news is provided to us but my guess is that if a BBC employee doesn’t spin a story the ‘correct way’, they would soon find their workload thinning out, dramatically.

Yesterday, whilst summarising the responses to Trump’s preplanned attack on Syria, there was a chorus of approving voices and a couple of condemnation, one of which was a Syrian army officer who sounded animated and passionate (quite rightly) and then it was finished off with Jeremy Bowen’s thoughts. I have had a lot of respect for Bowen in the past, despite sensing that he had to restrain his tone, particularly with regards Palestine. Amongst other things, Bowen claimed that the Tomahawk cruise missile attack was the first US action against the Syrian government troops. Considering Bowen’s vast knowledge on the region, I find it hard to believe that he ‘forgot’ about the Deir Ezzor attack which killed almost a hundred Syrian Arab Army and their allies in September 2016.

Omitting this fact was unforgivable. Thousands of Syrian people will still feel raw about the way their relatives died at the hands of the US military that day and as I’ve explained in previous posts, there is no way it could have been an accident.

If this is what you have to do, Jeremy – to remain being employed by the BBC, it’s your choice, but I won’t be contributing to your wages, nor your big fat pension, any more. I’ll miss listening to Eddie Mair too, he is an intelligent and very witty presenter. He’s not afraid to talk about the topics that other people would avoid and I have heard him giving a pro Israeli guest a torrid time. Having said that, the claustrophobic propaganda that the BBC has force fed me and millions of other listeners, readers and watchers is about to end, for me.


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