Maria Zakharova explains basic ‘norms’.

Maria Zakharova tells the CBS reporter to allow an independent investigation in to the allegations of Chemical Weapon use by Syrian forces. The CBS reporter claims its too dangerous for anyone to venture into Idlib. So the people who the US have just broken all international laws for, will not allow experts in to assess the situation? Video’s taken by individuals with an agenda cannot be trusted as evidence, yet that’s what just happened with the ‘shoot first, ask later’ actions of the US.

Trump has exposed himself as a feeble man. He’s been forced by warmongering US politicians and think tanks into breaking international law. Of course, the US doesn’t recognise the ICC and Trump’s actions explain exactly why they don’t.

Theresa May, don’t support the actions of a rogue state in my name. Insist on normal procedure whenever a crime is committed, observe the tried and tested methods of criminal investigation.

A White Helmet video is not sufficient. The claims of Shujal Islam does not give it credibility.



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