Only the US (or UK) could have a leader so absolutely and utterly incompetent as Donald Trump.

The Trump brand will do very nicely thank you, no matter what disasters he inflicts on the rest of us

Poor Donald. How on earth has he managed to become so successful when he’s clearly stupid? He could claim that he has an enviable record of being successful but I would argue that a mediocre businessman would surround himself with talented people. By relying on his own intelligence, he might have made an average used car salesman. I thought Trump said he was going to get his hair cut if he was elected?

Boris Johnson’s attempt to become the Conservative Party head honcho would have made it a close competition for who had the most ridiculous leader.

Speaking of hair, Johnson too has a problem – What to do with it. Bumbling Boris could have become Prime Minister if it weren’t for the knife thrust into his back by his good friend Michael Gove. His mistake in trusting the Zionist snake Gove should have condemned him to remain on the back benches of British politics for the rest of his career. Of course, Boris puts his foot in it but as long as he keeps criticising Putin and Assad, he’ll be fine.

There are many similarities between Johnson and Trump. The most obvious issue that they both have is the inability to string a coherent sentence together. This is a challenging problem for such high profile politicians. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are insulting our intelligence by repeating totally unfounded allegations, accusing the Syrian government of anything they think will stick.

Trump and Johnson are just two more in a long line of compulsive liars that manage to become politicians – Maybe there’s a connection.

There is no evidence Assad committed the chemical weapons atrocity in Khan Sheikhoun. Independent investigators would have had to gain access to the crime scene immediately after the attack and been able to carry out the examinations to collect the evidence. The terrorists who have taken over Khan Sheikhoun did not allow this to happen. The alleged chemical samples have to be handled in a way that all the involved parties can be confident it hasn’t been tampered with and that the evidence is actually taken from where it’s claimed to be from. It’s called a ‘chain of custody’ and should have been carried out by the OPCW, the organisation that removed all Syrian chemical weapons and the apparatus required to make it three years ago.

Any collected sample from the site, without adhering to these principles, cannot be described as verifiable evidence. Furthermore, with a case such as this, the chances of carrying out a thorough examination a couple of weeks later and being able to guarantee the test results are zero.

Trump and Johnson have nothing to support their claim of Syrian government involvement in the crime except witness statements from these people:

  • The White Helmets
  • Hadi Abdullah
  • Shujal Islam

I have neither the intelligence nor the qualifications to ascertain the credibility of a witness but……….. The list of rogues above wouldn’t exactly have me running towards a prosecuting lawyer.

The White Helmets have been thoroughly discredited by Vanessa Beeley here.

Hadi Abdullah, the West’s star journalist, awarded journalist of the year by the Reporters Without Borders, a French organisation that needs to do some research before applauding men like Hadi. Search engines reveal that Hadi Abdullah isn’t a journalist at all, he’s a mouthpiece for terrorists. Here he is, taunting trapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers:

  • Warning! (graphic)

The video on this page is very disturbing but his behaviour is in stark contrast to the ‘humanity’ he exudes when reporting on victims of the ‘Assad regime’, as he would put it.

  • Warning! (graphic)

(again a disturbing video but his commentary is so blatantly anti Assad that he cannot be regarded as an impartial witness). I could pick so many holes in this terrorists claims but it only needs one sentence. Does it look like a residential area? With the £60 million that the UK government have given the White Helmets, couldn’t they have purchased two video recorders? The quality of the edited production varies drastically.

This is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen and if Trump and Johnson believe these two and their amateur dramatics then they believe in fairy tales.

No other towns folk at this funeral? I thought they carried martyrs through the street?

Now to Shujal Islam. Described as a National Health Service doctor by the drum beating war media but he is nothing of the sort. He was struck off the UK Medical Register for unknown misdemeanour’s. Needless to say, they don’t ban doctors from practising because they failed to correctly apply a bandage. Shujal had terrorism charges against him dropped by the crown prosecution service because the two main witnesses couldn’t attend the trial. Despite British Intelligence assurances they would keep an eye on him, he managed to sneak back into Syria. Make of this what you will but it would appear that Shujal must be very friendly with British Security services.

If Trump and Johnson are relying on video evidence like this, they might want to think again. The terrorists are adept at using video clips to create sympathy, but I fail to see how anyone can be hoodwinked by these very poor productions.

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