The ever evolving Michael Kaydar, or is it Kadar?

The Israeli/US dual citizen has had his charge sheet expanded by Israeli prosecutors as US officials attempt to extradite him. The attempts will be feeble and rejected anyhow.

It appears these are the extra charges being pursued by authorities in Israel:

Making bomb threats against several packed passenger jets.
Threatening to blackmail a US State Senator.
The theft of sensitive data.
Conspiracy to profit from the sale of said data.
Drug dealing.
Counterfeit computer software dealing.
Conspiracy to commit visa fraud.
Possession of child pornography.
Possession of instructions on bomb making.
The making of 2,000 bomb threats to both public and private institutions, including many Jewish institutions.

His lawyer has stated that he suffers a mental disorder that might affect his decision making. This from the Guardian (my comments in bold):

His lawyer, Shira Nir, has said she intends to argue that the teenager – who it is claimed has autism and a brain tumour – should not be regarded as legally competent.

The offences he is charged with and the sophistication of the alleged crimes suggest a highly intelligent young man who knew exactly what he was doing.

“It is unthinkable that a young man who is right in his mind with these mental skills will consider doing a fraction of what my client is charged with, and if found to be guilty of the allegations against him it is our duty as a society to above all provide him with the treatment he needs.

Is it really? I think the lawyer is suggesting that a slap on the wrist and  half an hour with psychiatrist is all he needs.

“I will ask the court for a sanction in lieu of jail time, as with every day that passes my client’s mental state deteriorates further.”

Poor Michael. I wonder if he considered his victims mental state when they could see the fuel being ejected out of their passenger jets fuel tanks?

Kadar’s American-born mother said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 that her son was was unable to function in school due to a brain tumour.

It didn’t seem to affect his criminal activities though.

It’s very common for computer criminals to blame autism or asperger’s syndrome and to avoid being dragged into the US ‘justice system’, I don’t blame them. The American prison system is the most cruel and inhuman in the Western world.

My problem with Kaydar/Kadar (the spelling of his name appears to have changed) is that he had built up a small empire charging people for certain services. The whole set up was designed for him to gain financially and not a second thought given to his victims. Jewish institutions in the US and UK also used his bogus threats to hype up claims of increased anti Semitism. Close examination of the UK statistics point to many of the ‘offences’ against Jews as being petty name calling that we are told to ignore when we are children. From my own experience, verbal abuse is much worse for people who are not white, rather than initiated by religious beliefs. However, the mood is changing (here in the UK at least) and Muslims are increasingly being blamed for the actions of terrorists which in reality have nothing to do with Islam. Don’t expect the mass media to to set the record straight.


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