UK Election choice.

Boris Johnson confirms unquestioning support for US aggression.

Jeremy Corbyn would explore every diplomatic avenue.

At last we have a choice in a General Election. Boris Johnson’s declaration to support the US, who are threatening illegal attacks on a sovereign nation without any significant evidence, was an unusually honest statement from a politician. Theresa May was quick to back pedal on Johnson’s statement, claiming there are no plans to attack Syria.

Trump has gone from being a complete joke amongst UK politicians to being a ‘respected world statesman’. Before he became President, he was the subject of numerous derisory comments from UK media and politicians but opinions have suddenly changed. Basically, a failed attack on a Syrian airbase has done wonders for his reputation. In fact, just about all his manifesto promises have been left in tatters and this is the reason the media have suddenly found him to be ‘Our President’.

Corbyn has declared that any accusation of war crimes should go to the UN, which is the correct and legal way to solve any major dispute. The Conservatives are insisting we should believe a fraudulent journalist who is really a terrorist, a disgraced former doctor who was recently on terrorist charges or a group of ISIS affiliates masquerading as ‘first responders’.

Thanks to big mouth Boris at least we know what a vote for the Conservatives means – The same old illegal attacks on weaker countries that resists our efforts to inflict our kind of ‘democracy’ on them. In the case of Syria, it means removing a secular government that looks after the people of all religions for a bunch of murderous criminals that don’t even believe in democracy.


We are about to find out just how many people in the UK really are anti-war.

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