Corbyn defies the critics.

The so called political experts that have recently been questioning Jeremy Corbyn should have been taught some manners when they were younger. Both Jeremy Paxman and Robert Peston couldn’t hide their dislike of Corbyn, however,  the issue shouldn’t be about who they like, it’s about doing a fair and professional job that informs the viewer. Every BBC interview has been openly aggressive and tried to link Corbyn to terrorism or insinuate that he is soft on terrorism.

First of all Corbyn is accused of being a friend of the IRA, when in actual fact he simply accepted the situation and acknowledged that dialogue had to be attempted, even with people you might consider reprehensible. Then he is portrayed as a coward who hasn’t got the nerve to fire a nuclear weapons device (as if the ability to kill millions of people was an attribute!)

Emma Barnett is the latest BBC presenter to claim victory over Corbyn. He couldn’t remember what a certain figure to cost a manifesto pledge was and she harangued him when he tried to find out on his personal device. If she really wanted to know, she need only look at the Labour Party manifesto.

Apparently, she has been in Skegness to interview the UKIP candidate for the region, Paul Nuttall but he has withdrawn. Barnetts sycophantic twitter followers are claiming he is running scared, completely ignoring the picture on her twitter feed of Theresa May that proves she is not going to treat every interviewee equally. The BBC are so arrogant they don’t even try to look impartial.

Meanwhile, the very same interviewers are giving the sputtering Theresa May an easy ride and not mentioning her catastrophic tenure as Home Secretary. After polls giving May a 20% lead over Corbyn, her campaign has gone into freefall. The confidence that the British public had in her has fallen away alarmingly. On the other hand, Corbyn seems to have endeared himself to the electorate with his calmness, especially in the face of such combative interviewing .

The media assault on Corbyn doesn’t appear to  have had the effect they had hoped. The public is slowly getting wise to the fact that tv and newspaper reports need to be questioned. Facebook appears to be vital in the search for truth. The speed in which users spread the word to their friends when they find out an inconvenient truth is scary for authorities.

Corbyns integrity cannot be questioned. His many years in Parliament stand testimony to his continual fight for human rights causes and he has been vehemently anti war.  His voting record is there for all to see.

Consistently voted against the Iraq war
0 votes for, 6 votes against, between 2002–2003
Generally voted for investigations into the Iraq war
10 votes for, 1 vote against, 4 absences, between 2003–2016
Generally voted against replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
0 votes for, 4 votes against, 3 absences, between 2007–2016

Here are some of Theresa May’s voting habits:

Consistently voted for the Iraq war
5 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2002–2003

Almost always voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
6 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2007–2016

Generally voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)
10 votes for, 0 votes against, 7 absences, between 2012–2014

Generally voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
36 votes for, 0 votes against, 18 absences, between 2012–2016

Is this the fairness in society that Theresa May claims to represent? Ignoring a huge anti war protest in London, reducing welfare and punishing people with a spare bedroom or two? The kind of choice we have between May and Corbyn is something that voters have not had for decades. There is a real difference in policies. Corbyn will reduce military interference in other countries and will instead attempt conciliation using diplomacy. He will reduce the effects of austerity, the main victims being the poorest. He will try to stop companies avoiding their tax liabilities. He will increase the tax burden for the very wealthiest.


Theresa May plays the same old song.

She said:

Britain’s “spirit will never be broken… terrorists will never win and our way of life will always prevail”.

‘Our (politicians) way of life’ is instrumental in creating terrorism. Fear is the intended outcome.

Firstly, her policy of treating us all like terrorists, storing our digital history, allowing GCHQ or it’s foreign affiliates to spy on us, at an unprecedented level hasn’t, and will not work. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to and was only ever being used as a useful tool for advertisers to target us more efficiently.

The stunningly ridiculous claim that ‘terrorists will never win’ is going to sound extremely hollow to the 22 victims families and the dozens injured in last nights attack in Manchester. Any victim of terrorism that survives won’t be consoled by May’s default response to this kind of crime. It’s tired, well worn and in reality, she couldn’t care less about the victims. The politicians are the last people to be affected by these kind of event’s.

The murderer that carried out this atrocity didn’t have to entice (literally) starving kids towards him with sweets.

…..Which is what happened during the evacuation of Foua and Kefraya a few weeks ago. Sixty eight young children were slaughtered by the ‘resourceful’ suicide bomber who took advantage of the fact that they had been living under siege for two years and had been severely deprived of food. A more despicable crime is hard to imagine but there was no international condemnation from May or her government. Trump didn’t tweet about those ‘beautiful, beautiful children’, it didn’t get mentioned at all. The atrocity just a few days before at Khan Sheikhoun was the catalyst for 59 cruise missiles to be fired on Syria, without a shred of evidence who committed it. The reason for the discrepancy?

The murderers of the 68 children are on ‘our’ side.

Crocodile tears from Theresa May won’t hide the fact that she was responsible for those deaths by supporting any enemy of Bashar al Assad. The White Helmets are allies to the suicide bomber that wiped out 68 young lives and the UK government fund them.

Unless we, the people, start to make our own politicians accountable for our criminal behaviour abroad, we will always find ourselves at risk of these kind of terrorist events on our own soil. A mother in Syria feels exactly the same pain as a mother in Manchester. The biggest irony of all this is that the perpetrator probably identifies with ISIS, the people WE are financing to topple the Syrian government. The very same people that destroyed the lives of 68 mothers in Syria.

My sincere condolences go to the victims of ‘terrorism’ everywhere and if I were religious, I’d pray for them, but we don’t need to. We just need to make our politicians accountable. If we want to remain safe, our influence should be used to heal, not harm.

Kareem Dennis.

Never heard of Kareem Dennis, he’s a rapper or former rapper. In the video, he spells out the honest and genuine empathy of Jeremy Corbyn. The choice is simple in the UK election. The Conservatives have already stated that the interference in Syria will continue and uncritical allegiance to the Americans destructive policies worldwide.

Corbyn has insisted good relations would be maintained with the US but with reservations regarding the support of their military ambitions.

The difference in policy is markedly different on so many issues. Here is just a few.

Vote Labour       X

For an ethical foreign policy that doesn’t include attacking people that don’t attack us. Immigration (a major issue for many British) would naturally reduce with conflict reduction. Stop the privatisation of the National Health Service.

Vote Conservative      X

If you want to continue our international warmongering (which drives people to become refugees) and allow the (drip – drip) privatisation of the NHS. Both as Home Secretary and Conservative leader, May has failed miserably in her attempts to (even slightly) reduce immigration (despite promises). Huge corporations are still making millions trading in the UK without paying reasonable amounts of tax. Don’t expect the Tories to change it.


Time to start digging nuclear bunkers?

The American claim that Syrian forces were getting ‘too close to their partners’ is a pathetic reason for them to continue the obvious lust for Syrian blood. We should all be thankful for a very patient Russian Government. If the US are not transgressing on Syrian soil, where was the danger? The US and British have admitted they are training forces to confront Assad but have claimed it is inside Jordan, have they in effect already invaded Syria? Furthermore, are the Syrians and Russians not partners? So the US has just done a lot more than threaten Russian allies and to do so they had to illegally fly over Syrian airspace to do it.

The US military action appears to violently warn the Syrian Government from venturing too close to it’s own borders and at the same time dismiss Russian alliances with Syria as irrelevant.

This kind of arrogance is breathtaking. The message to Russia is loud and clear. The big question is: Will Russia back down to US perceived primacy? The people driving US policy in Syria, McCain, Graham and co, clearly think Russia will. Reports from Al Tanf, the place were the coalition are training the rebels, indicate that Syrian Arab Army and its allies are now being covered from the air by both Russian and Syrian fighter jets. Also, ground to air missiles are being moved to the area for more security against US attacks.

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman are leading advocates for attacking Syria, even though it would mean confronting Russia militarily. McCain takes after his father when it comes to his treacherous behaviour. McCain Senior was instrumental in the USS Liberty cover up, which wrongly concluded that an Israeli attack on Liberty was a mistake. McCain Junior has continued to support this lie, even though all the evidence points to Israel deliberately attempting to sink the vessel. McCain has been accused of being central to a disaster on the USS Forrestal too, where 134 US servicemen lost their lives. McCain and his warmongering pals have only one priority – Israel.

So why would we in the UK have to dig bunkers for what happens in Syria? Well, conflict could escalate very quickly and Russia knows we are a lapdog to the Americans so any European ally of the US would be targeted, to eliminate the closest threats first.

This isn’t the first provocation by the US toward Russia and it seems Putin is very shrewd and deliberate with his apparent lack of response. Maybe McCain and his cronies believe that it’s a sign of weakness. I don’t.

As I type this article, reports of Syrian forces being 15kms from Al Tanf and currently giving the American partners chance to retreat from Syrian territory.  I hope it’s accurate.

At least we can forget about the bunker….. For now.


US struggle to conceal ties to ISIS.

Yet again the American Air Force are directly supporting terrorist elements in Syria.

US warplanes have attacked the Syrian Arab Army and their allies in the South of the country, not far from the Jordanian border. This latest act of aggression by the US is totally illegal under international law despite officials claiming that the Syrian government forces were ‘threatening US assets’. This is a reference to training camps the US and the British have set up inside Jordan, supposedly to train moderates for fighting terrorists.

‘Moderates’ do not need military training. They sit round a table. Diplomacy is the weapon of real moderate.

Confirmation of the extent of the attack is not clear but it’s been rumoured six Syrian soldiers have been killed and three injured, with military vehicles also being destroyed.


Israeli housing minister demands the murder of Bashar al Assad.

Yoav Galant appeals for the head of a sovereign state to be assassinated.

Recent totally baseless accusations of Syrian government mass murder has inspired a lowly Israeli minister to call for Bashar al Assad’s assassination. This is a very unusual step for an Israeli official to unashamedly and openly call for an execution an enemy so brazenly. This kind of demand is usually spoken secretively, in the company of a leading Mossad agent.

The outrageous incitement to murder follows another claim of crimes against humanity, accusing President Assad of (again) slaughtering his own people. A few grainy satellite pictures of a prison in Syria will be followed by open source investigation by the intrepid Higgins and Kaszeta (bell¿ngcat), blue and red boxes added for effect. While these two planks are using microsoft paint software, messrs Bartlett, Beeley and Phelan are literally dodging bullets.

The big problem for the ‘Assad out’ campaigners is that they have ‘convicted’ him so many times already. Each time, a steady drip of contradicting facts are uncovered by the few courageous independent journalists still brave enough to ply their trade. Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Lizzie Phelan……… I Can’t think of any male journalists. Apparently, the closest that the mainstream media reporters get to the conflict zone is a very nice hotel in Beirut.

It should also be noted that considering the MSM adulation of those nice rebels, none of these female journalists would be safe wandering around terrorist held areas, such as Idlib. None of them have come to any harm reporting from government areas, nor do they appear to cover their hair. Looking at videos of terrorist controlled regional protests, women aren’t even allowed out of their homes.

Back to Mr Galant…..

…. Such an inappropriate name. As is the case with most Israelis, he is a former IDF soldier. He was promoted to head of Southern Command after starting his career in the Israeli Navy. From the Jerusalem Post:

“A recent highlight of his career was Operation Cast Lead in the winter of 2008/9, which he planned and directed.”

The slaughter of captive civilians is regarded as a ‘highlight’, according to the JPost. After reading this, I’m shocked that he only demands the assassination of Assad and not the culling of a few hundred thousand Syrians.

If ever evidence was needed that the Israelis live in some kind of alternative universe which allows them to do whatever they deem necessary, this is it. Their confidence in knowing how, what or if a person should be punished is extremely revealing. Most people would call it arrogant and I wouldn’t argue.


From Khan Sheikhoun to Waco.

Comparisons are difficult but the hypocrisy is astonishing.

The US is giving away lethal hardware to drug addled, suicidal and psychopathic young males. How would the US react to drug cartels and street gangs being armed …….. Well, I suppose it’s not the same….. Anyhow, Syrians haven’t been supplying weapons to criminal factions in the US.

The US authorities won’t allow armed resistance to their rule of law, quite rightly. It would be like the Syrian Arab Air Force doing a weapons drop to a group of anti government extremists in Texas or something similar.

That brings me to Waco ……………

I wonder how Trump would have reacted to the gassing and burning alive of a similar number of victims to Khan Sheikhoun? Even more shocking would be his response to 59 cruise missiles being fired at the FBI San Antonio field office. Bill Clinton didn’t mess about.

The Waco siege is a very interesting read, although it is a Wiki page and it’s veracity shouldn’t be taken for granted. Just like the cruise missile victims in Syria, the Waco victims were convicted before any real evidence was produced and in a strange twist, it seems the authorities claimed the leader Koresh, was producing methamphetamine (Chemical Weapons?) but it transpires that the drug manufacturing equipment was given to law enforcement to destroy, after Koresh had took over.

If we treat Bill Clinton, president at the time, by the same yardstick as we use for Assad, Clinton wouldn’t have made a second term. Without researching it too much, it appears that David Koresh was lied about, insulted and (initially) wrongly suspected of gun criminality. The group of Branch Davidians were bonafide gun traders and extremely diligent in adhering to firearm laws. Of course, this didn’t stop the usual character assassination that always comes from the official government ‘leaks’.

Syrians are expected to endure thousands of Waco’s but much more aggressive than the Branch Davidians were. Maybe Koresh was a raving lunatic but he didn’t decapitate any of the FBI that attacked his compound, he even let them remove the bodies of their slain officers. The cult in Waco was angels compared to the terrorists in Syria. Thousands of Syrian soldiers and civilians have been mercilessly slaughtered and Trump expects Assad to play to the Queensbury rule book.