Corbyn: Respect International law.

Instead of a screeching, high pitched Theresa May, the quiet tones of Jeremy Corbyn reveal a more assured and realistic reflection of what the UK is capable of affecting in the world today. Gone is the pathetic crawling to the unpredictable lunatic in the White House, replaced by reiterated support for the US but not unconditional. When Trump finally reaches these shores, May, Johnson and many other sneering Conservatives will show what snivelling creeps they are. Pre Trump inauguration, they were so convinced he would lose that they openly mocked him. More recent statements have been embarrassingly subservient. The video of one of Corbyn’s speeches is here:

Corbyn is growing into the reluctant role he found himself in. I believe he only put his name forward to be the party leader because the other candidates were clones of Blair and that was the last thing the party needed. Anyhow, I know who I would rather lead this country and that’s despite virtually the whole mainstream media being against him. Considering the ridiculous biased coverage, Corbyn is actually doing an extremely good job.

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