From Khan Sheikhoun to Waco.

Comparisons are difficult but the hypocrisy is astonishing.

The US is giving away lethal hardware to drug addled, suicidal and psychopathic young males. How would the US react to drug cartels and street gangs being armed …….. Well, I suppose it’s not the same….. Anyhow, Syrians haven’t been supplying weapons to criminal factions in the US.

The US authorities won’t allow armed resistance to their rule of law, quite rightly. It would be like the Syrian Arab Air Force doing a weapons drop to a group of anti government extremists in Texas or something similar.

That brings me to Waco ……………

I wonder how Trump would have reacted to the gassing and burning alive of a similar number of victims to Khan Sheikhoun? Even more shocking would be his response to 59 cruise missiles being fired at the FBI San Antonio field office. Bill Clinton didn’t mess about.

The Waco siege is a very interesting read, although it is a Wiki page and it’s veracity shouldn’t be taken for granted. Just like the cruise missile victims in Syria, the Waco victims were convicted before any real evidence was produced and in a strange twist, it seems the authorities claimed the leader Koresh, was producing methamphetamine (Chemical Weapons?) but it transpires that the drug manufacturing equipment was given to law enforcement to destroy, after Koresh had took over.

If we treat Bill Clinton, president at the time, by the same yardstick as we use for Assad, Clinton wouldn’t have made a second term. Without researching it too much, it appears that David Koresh was lied about, insulted and (initially) wrongly suspected of gun criminality. The group of Branch Davidians were bonafide gun traders and extremely diligent in adhering to firearm laws. Of course, this didn’t stop the usual character assassination that always comes from the official government ‘leaks’.

Syrians are expected to endure thousands of Waco’s but much more aggressive than the Branch Davidians were. Maybe Koresh was a raving lunatic but he didn’t decapitate any of the FBI that attacked his compound, he even let them remove the bodies of their slain officers. The cult in Waco was angels compared to the terrorists in Syria. Thousands of Syrian soldiers and civilians have been mercilessly slaughtered and Trump expects Assad to play to the Queensbury rule book.

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