Kareem Dennis.

Never heard of Kareem Dennis, he’s a rapper or former rapper. In the video, he spells out the honest and genuine empathy of Jeremy Corbyn. The choice is simple in the UK election. The Conservatives have already stated that the interference in Syria will continue and uncritical allegiance to the Americans destructive policies worldwide.

Corbyn has insisted good relations would be maintained with the US but with reservations regarding the support of their military ambitions.

The difference in policy is markedly different on so many issues. Here is just a few.

Vote Labour       X

For an ethical foreign policy that doesn’t include attacking people that don’t attack us. Immigration (a major issue for many British) would naturally reduce with conflict reduction. Stop the privatisation of the National Health Service.

Vote Conservative      X

If you want to continue our international warmongering (which drives people to become refugees) and allow the (drip – drip) privatisation of the NHS. Both as Home Secretary and Conservative leader, May has failed miserably in her attempts to (even slightly) reduce immigration (despite promises). Huge corporations are still making millions trading in the UK without paying reasonable amounts of tax. Don’t expect the Tories to change it.

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