Theresa May plays the same old song.

She said:

Britain’s “spirit will never be broken… terrorists will never win and our way of life will always prevail”.

‘Our (politicians) way of life’ is instrumental in creating terrorism. Fear is the intended outcome.

Firstly, her policy of treating us all like terrorists, storing our digital history, allowing GCHQ or it’s foreign affiliates to spy on us, at an unprecedented level hasn’t, and will not work. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to and was only ever being used as a useful tool for advertisers to target us more efficiently.

The stunningly ridiculous claim that ‘terrorists will never win’ is going to sound extremely hollow to the 22 victims families and the dozens injured in last nights attack in Manchester. Any victim of terrorism that survives won’t be consoled by May’s default response to this kind of crime. It’s tired, well worn and in reality, she couldn’t care less about the victims. The politicians are the last people to be affected by these kind of event’s.

The murderer that carried out this atrocity didn’t have to entice (literally) starving kids towards him with sweets.

…..Which is what happened during the evacuation of Foua and Kefraya a few weeks ago. Sixty eight young children were slaughtered by the ‘resourceful’ suicide bomber who took advantage of the fact that they had been living under siege for two years and had been severely deprived of food. A more despicable crime is hard to imagine but there was no international condemnation from May or her government. Trump didn’t tweet about those ‘beautiful, beautiful children’, it didn’t get mentioned at all. The atrocity just a few days before at Khan Sheikhoun was the catalyst for 59 cruise missiles to be fired on Syria, without a shred of evidence who committed it. The reason for the discrepancy?

The murderers of the 68 children are on ‘our’ side.

Crocodile tears from Theresa May won’t hide the fact that she was responsible for those deaths by supporting any enemy of Bashar al Assad. The White Helmets are allies to the suicide bomber that wiped out 68 young lives and the UK government fund them.

Unless we, the people, start to make our own politicians accountable for our criminal behaviour abroad, we will always find ourselves at risk of these kind of terrorist events on our own soil. A mother in Syria feels exactly the same pain as a mother in Manchester. The biggest irony of all this is that the perpetrator probably identifies with ISIS, the people WE are financing to topple the Syrian government. The very same people that destroyed the lives of 68 mothers in Syria.

My sincere condolences go to the victims of ‘terrorism’ everywhere and if I were religious, I’d pray for them, but we don’t need to. We just need to make our politicians accountable. If we want to remain safe, our influence should be used to heal, not harm.


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