Labour Party snakes in the grass.

The campaign amongst Corbyn’s own party Members of Parliament has disappeared – Is it because the Labour Party leader appears to be defying the critics with sound policies and a calm temperament?

The move to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn has receded, for the time being at least. I wouldn’t go as far as to predict he might win the UK General Election but he has put up a magnificent fight despite almost every national tv and newspaper relentlessly criticising him. This could be a turning point, not just for the people of the UK but also for the corrupt, warmongering media that has been instrumental in causing misery for many other countries during at least the last 25 years.

Their blatant lies, omissions and even promotion of attacks against countries that never wished us any harm is a war crime. The likes of Blair, Cameron, Brown and May should be tried at the ICC along with the cheerleading press. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the media in the illegal and immoral assaults on sovereign nations. We need to hold them to account for not (just) doing their job but actively supporting the criminal elite.

It’s not just an appalling lack of real journalism, it’s the uncritical headlines that have given the lying politicians their credibility amongst many who don’t have suspicious minds. Just because the majority of people have believed the coalition of smooth talking psychopathic liars and unrelenting propaganda doesn’t mean they are stupid. They have been duped by a well oiled tag team that has had the most gratuitous lust for violence on an unprecedented scale. There should be no hiding for the disgusting Murdoch family and all the other press hierarchy.

Even if Labour do not win the election, Corbyn’s performance has proven his effectiveness in fighting for the poorest in society. The Blairites won’t give up easily and if Corbyn’s popularity increases their chances of being re-elected, he shouldn’t expect any thanks. Many of them are Conservatives in Labour clothing and should not be trusted, regardless of the overall result. The likes of the despicable Ian Austin, Simon Danczuk, Hilary Benn amongst many others should be cast to the fringes, just as they have done to Corbyn for many years.

They are indeed snakes in the grass.


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