Salman Abedi.

A catalogue of incompetence caused the deaths of 22 people and no one will ever be held accountable.

Salman Abedi was reported 5 times to authorities by people concerned that he had extremist views.
He visited a prisoner who was a convicted terrorist and the visits were supervised. He managed to travel around the world with no apparent means to pay for it.
Billions of pounds are spent on Intelligence and Security but blundering officers didn’t recognise a suspect that was only missing a tattoo on his forehead saying ‘I’m a terrorist’.

Almost all of us are accountable when we make a serious error of judgement in our place of work but the Police and in particular the ‘Intelligence services’ are immune to any consequences of their catastrophic negligence. The lives of 22 people are lost and many others facing life changing injuries while specialist officers are full of pitiful excuses as they seem to randomly arrest Muslims before quietly releasing them.

These agencies have been funded increasing amounts of public money, without proving they are good value. Claims they have stopped various terror attacks are seldom supported with arrests or indeed court cases. The Shajul Islam case actually proves the opposite. They allowed a critical witness to a terrorist trial to return to Syria before allowing the suspect to do the same. The various Intelligence experts are a fraud. They don’t protect us, they just keep telling us that we need protecting from these ongoing attacks.


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