Never mind the vigils…. Wake up!!

The minutes silence won’t change anything. Don’t stay silent, contact your political representative and demand answers to terrorist funding.

All these platitudes and messages of defiance will not change anything. Our government are supporting the very people that are twisting religious philosophy to support their own interpretation of it. My own local member of parliament either deliberately lied to me or actually believed that UK aid to Syrian opposition was ‘non lethal’. The White Helmets are murdering terrorists, yet we’ve been funding them, only for their acquaintances and allies to attack us. That’s surmising it’s not all a ruse to get May elected. Her reputation and election lead has nose dived, so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Our foreign policy, shrouded in secrecy and concealing British involvement in making the lives of other people a misery, is the real problem. For instance, it should  be Syrian pro government supporters who attack us – for OUR support of terrorist elements. Theresa May demanding we should be ‘tougher’ is an absolute joke. She and her government are actively supporting terrorism inflicted on other people, without any concern for ordinary Syrians.

Another effect of our interference around the world is that it actually creates refugees. Do you think the likes of May is concerned about uncontrolled immigration? It isn’t a problem if the infrastructure is upgraded and the whole process is managed. It is a problem if it makes the lives of already struggling communities even more difficult. Pushing refugees (with a whole host of their own problems) on to an area already plagued with many social issues won’t help anyone. May’s promises about reducing immigration have been an utter failure. Her (almost) 20% (19,000) reduction of police officers in seven years will be regarded differently. That is unless you ever require their help. Then you’ll be asked to email them. Roads are becoming much more dangerous places because there are fewer patrol cars and people know they are less likely to be caught doing anything wrong. Speed cameras aside, the roads are largely lawless.

When Theresa May became Prime Minister, her successor as Home Secretary was the even more reprehensible Amber Rudd. Rudd’s family have been embroiled in unsavoury financial dealings. There are accusations of multiple bankruptcies and investors losing huge amounts of money in business dealings with Rudd’s father and brother. Not the sort of background you would expect of someone who would be controlling the nation’s Police force.

Corbyn has been as clean as a whistle during his long and largely low-key political career. One of the lines of attack from the Conservatives appears to be his reluctance to commit mass murder by firing a nuclear weapon. His efforts to resolve the Northern Ireland conflict has been attacked and he believes that dialogue, not bombs should be used to resolve conflict.

It’s just been announced that the people arrested after the recent London attack have all been released. It strikes me as clutching at straws to detain the acquaintances and family of a suspect. However, Theresa May believes the Police should be allowed to question them for weeks on end without being charged. Due process is critical to a truly democratic society and internment cannot be a part of that. The abhorrence known as Guantanamo springs to mind.

Theresa May insists on ever more internet control without a shred of evidence to connect terrorism with web use by extremists. It’s with ‘security’ approval that many terrorists have been almost encouraged to go and fight against Libyan and Syrian governments. For this there will be a price to pay. Only Jeremy Corbyn will stop this practice.

Vote Corbyn for a foreign policy that doesn’t encourage people to hate us.


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